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  • 05 Aug 2012 Download Skie NPC

Download Skie NPC

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Skie BG2 ReDone
Author: Lava Del'Vortel
Version: 3.0

Everyone who has ever played Baldur's Gate 1 remembers the spoiled, rich daughter of Entar Silvershield- Skie. She's a neutral human thief (with no subclass in BG2) and has the abilities outlined below:

Strength: 11
Dexterity: 18
Constitution: 15
Intelligence: 15
Wisdom: 8
Charisma: 13

The mod features new banters, interactions, conversations with Charname and the original soundset from the first part of the Saga. It has content for ToB, but that's a bit less developed.
Skie can start a romance with the main character - it must be a male elf, human, half-elf or tiefling. That means Charname will be able to get to know Skie in a completely new way!
Skie can be met in the tents of the fair.

Skie ReDone is the reincarnation of Skie BG2 NPC. The mod was practically rewritten- the conversations have been expanded, some new ones have been added and some old ones have been corrected. New objects have been added, old ones corrected, all scripts have been rewritten and a third epilogue has been added. The finding of objects has been made easier and is now connected to a little romance quest. When it comes to text, well, there's now 80% more than the old version had.

Skie's abilites are strangely divided. This component changes them. The new ones are the following:

Strength: 9
Dexterity: 18
Constitution: 10
Intelligence: 16
Wisdom: 11
Charisma: 14

Since version Skie BG2 NPC 4.0 was introduced, you can use an alternative portrait of Skie.
Author of the portrait: Plasmocat
Portrait comes from G3.


A) Unzip to the folder with the game.
B) Run Skie-setup.exe
C) Install the mod.
D) It's ready! You DON'T have to start a new game to meet Skie on your road!


Originator and coder: Lava Del'Vortel
Soundset: Baldur's Gate I
Music: Kiss from a Rose (Instrumental) - Seal's song
Alternative portrait: Plasmocat
English translation: Malakazar
Proofreading: Noctalys

A massive thank you to every player who has decided to use this mod!

4. The history of each version:

22.01.2008 - v. 1.0 BETA:

-First issue.
-Banters, interactions, soundset.

23.01.2008 - v. 1.1 BETA:

-I have added the opportunity to summon Skie in ToB, interactions in ToB and epilogue.

30.01.2008 - v. 2:

-New banters added, additional conversation with the main character in ToB.
-Errors corrected.
-Alternative abilites for Skie.

10.05.2008 - v. 3:

-Minor corrections.
-New object.
-New, mini-story added, plus new characters connected with this story

24.06.2008 - v. 3.1:

-Spelling errors corrected.
-Error in the conditions of dialogue corrected.

06.01.2009 - v. 4:

-Alternative portrait.
-New conversations with CHARNAME.
-Banters' and CHARNAME talking scripts.
-New personal item for Skie.
-Conversation with Salvanas.
-Revising of banters and scripts.  
-New Skie abilities which she starts using from 11th level. But it is not a big deal :).
-Conversation near the tree of life added.

20.06.2009 - v. 5:

-Conversations with Volo.
-Romance theme for men.
-Minor corrections.
-Alternative epilogue.
-New quest, objects, reactions conncted with the romance.

22.06.2009 - v. 5.1:

-Faulty file exchanged.

01.05.2011 - ReDone v. 1.0:

-All conversations expanded.
-New conversations with CHARNAME added.
-New banters added.
-Romance issue connected with Bodhi (chapter 5) added.
-New object added.
-Collecting jewels for the designer is now easier.
-New epilogue added.
-New interactions added, one of which being connected with the romance, happening near the stairs under the Spellhold.
-Crossmod from Tales of the Deep Gardens added
-Scripts responsible for the appearance of Skie dialogues re-written
-Finishing the whole mod

03.11.2011 - ReDone v. 1.1:

-Correction of the script (bug corrected)

03.08.2012 - ReDone v. 2.0:

-English translation
-English soundset added
-Brand new portrait option
-Minor fixes

02.02.2015 - ReDone v. 3.0:

-BG2EE version
-Plasmocat's portrait set as the main one, other were disabled in WeiDU (present in mod, though)

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