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Download Yovaneth's Scripts - BG2 (sgSeries)

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These scripts do not contain any support for BG2:ToB. For the updated eSeries for BG2:ToB go to Cirerrek's site here. Although in the main the newer eSeries are backwardly compatible with BG2:SoA, I have had problems with them when playing with a lot of additional mods. The symptoms are a crash to desktop without warning; if you experience this problem then using these scripts for BG2:SoA should solve it. Cirerrek also notes that the eSeries can object to other addons but he has not been able yet to discover why.

These scripts will not fight your battles for you. There will still be many times when your character is attacking/defending in one style and you wish to make him/her do something else. What they will allow you to do is to 'take your eye off the ball' and attend to another problem on another part of the screen without you coming back to find most of your party has been slaughtered. One of my favourite BG2 moments with these scripts was working on one side of an area with Imoen, being aware that there was fight going on somewhere and getting back to CHARNAME and Chloe to find them completely surrounded by hobgoblin, ogre and wolf corpses. I could have sworn that both of them looked at me smugly!

Some scripts are aimed at very specific NPCs e.g. Chloe and Mazzy because of Innate abilities or specialised Kits.

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