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Icewind Dale 2 is the clearly superior game, and yet it has next to no mods. Obviously this is because people thought you can't improve perfection. Well, they were clearly wrong.

- Fixed the triggers for the shapechanger letter questline.
- Fixed a trigger for the Diviner kit in Elytharra's dialog.
- Fixed triggers in Koluhm's dialogue about the ghost-touched bottle. Also, the dialog with Veira's ghost.
- Fixed multiple instances of wrong globals framing.
- Ulbrec can now recognize whether the ship has landed.
- Fixed triggers pertaining to Valin's note.
- Isherwood is no longer main quest-critical after helping him.
- Everyone who had a faulty See trigger can now access their dialogues. About 40 creatures did.
- You can now mention the retributive strike to Oria, if you have enough Knowledge (Arcana).
- Your friendly Remorhaz will now properly clear his actions.
- Kurttu can now recognize you as a halfling.
- Malavon can now recognize you as a drow.
- Iyachtu Xvim can now recognize you as good.
- Multiple cutscenes have had their resource name fixed.
- Guthma, Nathan, the statues in Severed Hand and a cat had their dialogues restored.
- A wrong OR() action in the ritual script has been fixed and trimmed to 20.
- Both existing shorthorns now play a sound while used.
- A whole lot of Orogs and Neo-Orogs now carry 1/4 plate armor.
- Changed all undead's gender to NIETHER.
- Fixed lots of non-existing SPECIFIC calls.
- Fixed weapon proficiencies for the Star Metal Cudgel.
- Fixed Pudu's Blight's, Stunning Arrows +1's and Stun Flail +1's stunning chance value. [Weimer]
- Fixed spelling errors in the HoF drop table. [Weimer]
- Phaen drops his correct staff. [Weimer]
- The Bastard Sword of Heroism now gives you the proper attack bonus. [Weimer]
- Screamer gives a strength bonus while thrown. [Weimer]
- Shambling Mounds' weapon now properly cast Entangle. [Weimer]
- Fixed slowdowns in Goblin Warrens, Chult jungle and the Dragon's Eye. [Quint&Extremist]
- Symbol of Hopelessness and Symbol of Pain are now scribable by Diviners. [Gimble]
- Returning File Dagger +1 now has a fixed item type and deals the correct damage type while meleeing. [Gimble]
- Selune's Blessing item type has been fixed to Maces. [Gimble]
- Charged Short Sword of Wounding no longer hurts the wielder. [Gimble]
- Battleaxe of Decay now deals extra damage to Lawful creatures. [Gimble]
- Mace +5 now has the correct enchantment. [Gimble]
- Shortbow of Spell Resistance +1 now correctly grants spell resistance.
- Fixed the typo in crelight.2da which incorrectly caused half-orcs to have wrong Hide results.
- Fixed the script in Oswald's ship crash incorrectly targeting Player2.

- Restored the following spells:
-- Produce Fire
-- Dimension Door
-- Translocation Trick
-- Lutzaen's Frequent Jaunt
-- Righteous Wrath of the Faithful
-- Spook (Not a 3E spell, huh)
- Restored an encounter with Ubchug Babblemug in Severed Hand. [Redrake]
- Restored a chat with Goublika and his giants. [Redrake]

It is supposed to INSTALL WITH WARNINGS! It's not a bug.

[Weimer] - Original fix by Weimer.
[Quint&Extremist] - Original fix by Quint & Extremist.
[Gimble] - Originally found by Gimble.
[Redrake] - Originally found by Redrake.

Fixed the fixpack-introduced Oria loop bug.
Adapted fixes strewn across the net.

Extended the mod with a specific version of Unfinished Business.

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