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  • Submitted: Dec 15 2014 07:29 AM
  • Last Updated: Jul 25 2019 04:56 AM
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Previous Versions

  • 02 Oct 2016 Download Barbed Club of Pain 1.5
  • 15 Dec 2014 Download Barbed Club of Pain 1.3

Download Barbed Club of Pain 1.6

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Club Weapon Loviatar Cleric/Thief weidu BGEE


I'm creating a new Club for BG because I think it's lacking a weapon for my evil Cleric/Thief (assassin).

Barbed Club of Pain

Unidentified description:

Most clubs are stout, hardwood sticks, narrow at the grip and wider at the end. This one is very light weight and slim, so it’s easy to handle but can’t do much damage. Only the metal pieces in it, make it appear dangerous. Anyone can find a good stout piece of wood and swing it; hence the club's widespread use.


Combat type Melee 
Proficiency Type Clubs 
Handing 1-handed 
Damage 1d4 +1, +3 bleeding damage/round, lasting two rounds.
THACO +1 bonus 
Damage type Crushing 
Speed 4 

What's New in Version 1.6 (See full changelog)

  • v1.6, Added Russian Translation (by Saigon1983)
  • v1.5, Added Italian Translation (by Aedan)
  • v1.4, messed up encoding
  • v1.3, Bug with saying its poison damage fixed
  • v1.2, Trafied to make translation easier
  • V1.1, Replace BAM in Melee component
  • V1.0, -Weidu version 236
  • -New BAM
  • -Store quantity changed to 1
  • v0.2 -First release



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