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Download Improved Archer Kit v3.1

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Kits Archer


The original Archer kit does not scale very well with progressing levels. While the kit is very strong in earlier parts of the game, it becomes less useful compared to the other ranger kits later on.
This mod attempts to rebalance the kit, so that low level archers don't outshine other classes, while high-level archers may still keep up with other ranger kits. The mod adjusts overall power of the Archer and adds a couple of useful skills and abilities to the kit.
Additional components provide you with Archer-like kits for figher, paladin and thief classes, or install a set of
powerful bows and ammunition to the game.

The mod supports BG2, BGT, BG:EE, BG:SoD, BG2:EE, IWD:EE and EET.


1. Improved Archer Kit
  • Installs the Archer kit
2. Add fighter kit: Marksman
  • Installs the fighter kit "Marksman" to the game.
3. Add paladin kit: Bow Knight
  • Installs the paladin kit "Bow Knight" to the game.
4. Add thief kit: Sharpshooter
  • Installs the thief kit "Sharpshooter" to the game.
5. Add +4 arrows, +4 bolts and two powerful bows to the game
  • BGT, BG2 and BG2:EE:
    • Adds +4 arrows and bolts to a number of stores and creatures in the ToB part of the game as well as to Watcher's Keep.
    • Adds a powerful longbow somewhere to the third level of Watcher's Keep
    • Adds an even more powerful composite longbow to the outdoor area of Sendai's Enclave
  • IWD:EE only:
    • Adds two powerful bows and a few +4 arrows and bolts to Conlan's shop in Kuldahar after reaching Chapter 4
This component can be installed independently from the main component.

Kit descriptions


Note: This mod has been originally published in this thread.
Download mirror: GitHub

What's New in Version v3.1 (See full changelog)

  • Updated Russian translation (thanks JamesMaxwell)
  • Fixed typos in ability descriptions

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