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Download Saradas Magic 1.1

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Saradas Magic is a mod for Bg1:EE that introduces a new non-playable NPC, Saradas the archmage, which interacts in various ways with the Bhaalspawn's group.
You can find him in the temple inside the Friendly Arm Inn.
In addition to having several exclusive dialogues that take place as the plot takes shape, it offers:

- Identification at reduced price
- Cure the party when one or more members of the group are seriously injured
- An advanced artificial intelligence scripted by me that offers an epic fight even to the game's veterans
- A store with exclusive articles

In the latter, you can find 7 brand new arcane spells:

- Flawless Teleport
- Lashing Wind
- Gravitational Field
- Horrid transformation
- Drain Spell
- Spectacular Combustion
- Tenser's Supremacy


PLUS epic level spells you will obtain after you kill Davaeorn. Saradas will teach you the epic spell related to your class:

- Spiritual Explosion (Invocation)
- Impenetrable Defense (Abjuration)
- Ego's Frailty (Transmutation)
- Summon Devil of Baator (Conjuration)
- Foreseeing the future (Divination)
- Absolute abnegation (Enchantment)
- Legion of shadows (Illusion)
- Deathly Hallows (Necromancy)
- Knowledge of the Scholar (Generalist)
- Shroud of wild magic (Wild magic)
- Dragonborn (Dragon Disciple)

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