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Download Saradas Magic for BG2 v2.0.0

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As of v2.0.0, Saradas Magic for BG2 offers a backward native classic BG2:ToB compatibility, and is EET compatible.







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Saradas Magic 2 is a mod that introduces a new NPC, Saradas the archmage, which interacts in various ways with the Bhaalspawn's group. In Shadows of Amn, he is a non-playable NPC that offers many services to the Bhaalspawn's group. You can find him in the temple of Lathander, in the Temple District of Athkatla. In addition to having several exclusive dialogues that take place as the plot takes shape, it offers:

  • Identification at reduced price
  • Cure the party when one or more members of the group are seriously injured
  • An advanced artificial intelligence scripted by me that offers an epic fight, should you decide to fight him
  • A store with exclusive articles.

In the latter, you can find 7 brand new arcane spells I created:

- Flawless Teleport
- Lashing Wind
- Gravitational Field https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHwCaTr5ABQ
- Horrid transformation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdsylCxq-MI
- Drain Spell https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XK4DvrcsgIo
- Spectacular Combustion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXZsW9TzLdY
- Tenser's Supremacy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcuMWvShB1g

(The prices are not very cheap but you can still try to steal from the store :] )

In addition to this, Saradas is an artifact collector. If you find any ancient artifact, you can bring it to him and he will enchant it for you, granting magic properties to the item.
I have introduced this new feature in Saradas Magic 2 because sometimes, after a quest has been completed, it's not rare to find some useless items inside your inventory.
The funny thing is they are mostly ancient relics made of gold but end up being sold for a fistful of coins or abandoned in some dusty chest, and forgotten soon after.
My idea was to give them a purpose.

The six artifacts are:

  • The Shaman's Staff
  • The Book of Kaza
  • The Mask of King Strohm III
  • The Shadow Dragon Wardstone
  • The Symbol of Amaunator
  • The Mantle of Waukeen

Saradas Magic 2 aims to improve the tactical approach to the game as a magician, in the battles of the Forgotten Realms, creating dozens of new devastating combinations.
This is possible with the new exclusive class skills. You certainly felt that one increased slot capacity for spell level was not a very high reward for being a specialist mage.
So, I introduced those epic level spells that can be acquired after you finish the Underdark portion of the game.
Saradas will teach you the skill related to your mage class.

All this is possible thanks to the epic level spells, available for each school of specialization, and taught by Saradas:

  • Spiritual Explosion (Invocation)
  • Impenetrable Defense (Abjuration)
  • Ego's Frailty (Alterazione)
  • Summon Devil of Baator (Evocation)
  • Foreseeing the future (Divination)
  • Absolute abnegation (Enchantment)
  • Legion of shadows (Illusion)
  • Deathly Hallows (Necromancy)
  • Knowledge of the Scholar (Generalist)
  • Shroud of wild magic (Wild magic)
  • Dragonborn (Dragon Disciple)

(work on pure mages, multi-classed mages, dual-classed mages)
In Throne of Bhaal Saradas is finally a recruitable NPC!
You can summon him through the Fate Spirit in your pocket plane.
He is a human Priest of Lathander dual-classed to Mage.
His stats are:

  • STR 10
  • DEX 13
  • CON 14
  • INT 18
  • WIS 20
  • CHA 15


Saradas is an old mage who has spent his entire life traveling throughout Faerun. His homeland is Sembia, where he has an old house in the city of Yhaunn. He was a priest of Lathander with an innate interest for all the forms of magic.
So he started getting more and more interested in studying the arcane arts and ancient artifacts, and dedicated his life to this purpose.

Before he met the Gorion's ward, he thought that his days as an adventurer were finished, but his interest towards the son of Bhaal grew stronger and decided to follow his path.

Saradas is a very wise man indeed, and he always tries to share his knowledge with the young ones, in his own cryptic way.
He doesn't speak much about his past and his trust is hardly earned, but he can be a very good friend to those who prove worthy of his time.
You suspect that he's hiding much more information about his past, but you can try and ask him.

Saradas Magic 2 features in Throne of Bhaal :

- Banters and dialogues with many of the original BioWare NPCs
- He expresses his thoughts regarding events and dialogues (interjections)
- He has a custom ring
- You can experience 6 different epilogues
- 1 custom skill
- Dialogues with the protagonist
- Two small but enjoyable Easter egg cutscenes. One takes place inside the Sendai's enclave if you have Saradas in your party.


The other one eventually triggers if you have both Saradas and Edwin inside your party.
This time Edwin has really gone too far ;)


For SoA, the mod can be installed at any time of your playthrough, without compromising the current save game, and making it still enjoyable at 100% of its contents.
For ToB it's best to have a fresh start.
Removing the mod will not cause flaws in the game, nor will it corrupt save files.


Syntia13 for Edwina's portrait, great piece of artwork.

What's New in Version v2.0.0 (See full changelog)

  • CHANGELOG: v_1.6
  • Minor fixes. Banters added.
  • CHANGELOG: v_1.5
  • - The final encounter with Saradas can no longer occur if he was previously killed in Athkatla.
  • - The final encounter with Saradas in Suldanesselar has been revisited.
  • - Saradas now gives a Wish scroll in the final encounter, rather than a Limited Wish scroll.
  • - Fixed some dialogues.
  • - Fixed an exploit that allowed the player to obtain multiple rewards from Saradas in Suldanesselar.
  • CHANGELOG: v_1.4
  • - Fixed a bug that prevented dual-classed or multiclassed generalist mage to obtain their epic spell.
  • - Now the special abilities of the artifacts have a casting time of 0 (instant cast).
  • CHANGELOG: v_1.3
  • - Some balance improvements to the artifacts
  • - Minor fixes
  • - Added a new artifact, the Enchanted Mantle of Waukeen.
  • CHANGELOG: v_1.2
  • - Minor balance fixes and artifact color restyling.
  • CHANGELOG: v_1.1
  • - Helm artifacts can now only be equipped by proper classes.
  • - Fixed some erroneous Strref showing up in custom spells.

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