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Download Verr'Sza NPC (BGEE+SoD)

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Alignment: Chaotic Evil, Neutral Evil in SoD
Class: Ranger (Naztharune Ranger)
Race: Rakshasa


The mod introduces a new companion for BG1 - Verr'Sza, an evil rakshasa hunter. He may join your group in early BG1EE and stay with the group until the very end of Siege of Dragonspear expansion. He may be recruited in one of the rooms within the Friendly Arm Inn, but you must free him from a certain state first. He starts at 3rd level, so if you prefer having team members on more or less similar levels, it may be a good idea not to recruit him right after leaving Candlekeep.

The mod includes some go-and-kill quests, as well as a romance for both male and female characters (the only condition is not being of Lawful Good alignment). Although it's technically a romance, Verr'Sza isn't a very romantic character. It's more a matter of making him respect you and not trying to bind him in any way. He shouldn't be compared to Dorn, though. He may be protective in his twisted and blunt way.

Note that the mod may include language considered blunt or inappropriate for kids.

Mod was designed to work on EE. Never tried it on Tutu or BGT.
Consider this an open beta. There may still be some bugs.


original campaign:

  • ~15 non-romantic talks (5 timered / timer-related talks; 10 situational talks)
  • ~11 romantic talks (mostly timered / timer-related talks)
  • at least 1 banter talk with every NPC, including EE NPCs (Neera, Dorn, Rasaad, Baeloth)
  • Some additional information and flirts available via the PIDs (player initiated dialogues)
  • some interjections

Siege of Dragonspear DLC:

  • ~6 non-romantic talks (3 timered / timer-related talks; 3 situational talks)
  • ~4 romantic talks (timered / timer-related talks / situational) + an "epilogue" talk
  • additional romantic content available through a 3rd character (available in Bhaalspawn's camps; ~5 talks)
  • Thrix the Profane reaction
  • few "head string" talks with other NPCs

The mod includes crossmod talks with Sirene NPC.

NOTE ON THE ROMANCE: If you want to romance Verr'Sza, you must suggest closure on your own. You may do it during one of the friend talks or in a "drunk talk". To trigger a drunk talk, make sure Verr'Sza is really drunk. He will start a talk then in which you may "dare" him.





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