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This mod introduces an adapted system of initiative from the pen-and-paper AD&D game to the Infinity Engine games. It should be compatible with all Enhanced Edition games, and perhaps non-EE versions too, but I make no promises.


It works as follows: 2 seconds after a fight begins, a random range of bonuses and penalties is applied to the party, allies and enemies. They affect movement, weapon and casting time speeds, quickening or slowing them - sometimes mildly and sometimes drastically. The changes last one round, followed by another 2 seconds of "free time," and so on until the end of combat. The uncertainty may help or hamper you, and best tactics become only best guesses. You can no longer absolutely rely on interrupting an enemy caster with a quick spell, but you also stand a better chance of getting in a long spell of your own before you are interrupted; an ogre's morningstar may swing quickly, but so can your two-handed sword. On some rounds a character may be completely unaffected.


The randomness is not an utter chaos. But by the nature of this mod, it is not recommended for those who like to plan their fights in advance exactly, solving challenges like puzzles. Initiative encourages you to wade in, take your chances and use the situation to your advantage as it develops. You can make the most of it if you act without delay, using the 2-second intervals, when you notice them, to declare (assign) your actions, or you can hang back and hope for a good initiative roll.


The most extreme bursts of speed and drags of slowness are indicated by the Haste and Slow icons on the characters' portraits.


Initiative does not:

  • Change THAC0, damage or Armor Class
  • Give extra attacks - nor does it take attacks away
  • Alter regular hasting and slowing spells and effects
  • Prevent free-action effects from normalizing movement speed (but you might find it a bit boring)
  • Change the speed factor of items or Turn Undead

A gameplay video is available here: https://youtu.be/GrkhLabXgeo


Have fun!

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