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  • 31 Dec 2016 Download Pai'Na NPC for BG2:EE v1.1
  • 31 Dec 2016 Download Pai'Na NPC for BG2:EE v1.1

Download Pai'Na NPC for BG2:EE v1.1

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bg2ee npc kit

Pai'Na NPC Mod for BG2:EE by Artemius_I
Introduction & Details
This mod makes Pai'Na, the true neutral half-drow hivemaster druid in the Graveyard tombs, a playable NPC with banters and interjections. She has a unique hivemaster kit.
STR: 10
DEX: 18
CON: 15
INT: 14
WIS: 16
CHA: 15
Total: 88
Vanilla Pai'Na stats:
STR: 14
DEX: 18
CON: 13
INT: 13
WIS: 15
CHA: 15
I shifted her stats around to favor a pureclass druid but kept the total the same.
She has interjections, banters with every NPC and a few talks with the PC. She may fight Viconia, but a sufficiently charismatic PC can prevent it if he/she so wishes.
Hivemaster Kit
HIVEMASTER: The Hivemaster is a druid that focuses on fostering and protecting insects and arachnids, including giant versions thereof. Most commonly stylise themselves after either communal insects, such as ants or bees (hence the name), or predators like spiders, scorpions and dragonflies.
– Gains immunity to poison.
– May cast Web and Spider Spawn as 2nd and 4th level priest spells respectively.
– May use the Poison Weapon ability once per day. Gains another use at levels 7 and 14.
– 5th level: May shapeshift into a huge spider once per day.
– 8th level: May shapeshift into a sword spider once per day.
– 14th level: May shapeshift into a wraith spider once per day.
– May not shapeshift into default animal forms.
Widow's Kiss
This obsidian ring is quite large and embedded with a large spider-shaped gemstone. It is Pai'Na's most (and only) treasured possession and she refuses to even remove it.
Combat abilities:
- Once per day, may summon a swarm of 12 spiders under Pai'Na's control. The spiders are weak but have a powerful poison and can be extremely dangerous in a group.
Equipped abilities:
– Can memorize one extra divine spell of each level
Unzip the files into your Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition folder (usually C:/Program Files/Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition/Data/00783) and run Setup-Sirene.exe
Q: Voicing?
A: No.
Q: Hey, she feels really out of character!
A: There's really not much character you could've derived from the, what was it, three lines vanilla Pai'Na had? I took a bit of creative license in the writing.
Q: What parties does she fit in?
A: All sorts. She doesn't particularly like any NPC over another, except for Viconia, who she hates.
Q: Why does she fight with Viconia?
A: She despises drow. You can stop them with a Charisma of 15 or above. Go pick up the Ring of Human Influence.
Q: Isn't she a bit overpowered?
A: Maybe. I always felt druids tapered off with level so she'll at most keep up with your other characters, but she certainly is a step up from Cernd and maybe even Jaheira. She won't break the game's difficulty, that's for certain. Be thankful I didn't keep her vanilla 50% magic resistance.
Q: Any personal quests?
A: No. Yes, sort of. It's not very long and will show up of its own accord.
Q: Romance?
A: No.
Q: Is this mod compatible with Unfinished Business?
A: Yes. The difference in writing may be jarring, though.
Author: Artemius_I
Portrait: Ubisoft

What's New in Version v1.1 (See full changelog)

  • Spider's Bane (Unfinished Business) can now be reforged by Cromwell
  • Spider's Bane's description edited to be more suitable

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