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Download Vampire World for EET 0.4

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Vampire World v. 0.4
MEAN NOTE 1 - To play VW you need to have EET installed (BG1 EE+SOD+BG2 EE).
MEAN NOTE 2 - This mod will not work good without Portraits Portraits Everywhere Mod (it uses portraits from this mod).
MEAN NOTE 3 - This mod is only for English and it will be so until I will decide, that I have done all dialogues (so it will be in very distant future). And my English is not good. So you could have a heart attack reading texts.:-)
MEAN NOTE 4 - Portraits, that are available in this mod, all have Creative Commons C0 license and don't require mentioning author (from pixabay.com). More of it, they are all renders, so no person could say he don't want his face in mod. If you can draw a good vampires portraits that fit BG1/2, you can send them to me and I will be using them instead of PPE ones.
This is early demo. Don't know when I will finish or will I finish mod at all (most of NPC have minimum banters and don't interact with others).
Some things may not work as intended.
If you want to make vampires party, you will need joining Vynona for BG1/SOD part: she sells cloaks of Korkorran that allow vampires to travel at day (at least until you bought a good amount of them from her).
What characteristics new made vampire gets? It depends on the one that made you a vampire (if made through dialog).
Most of convertation lead to gaining strength and constitution and loss of wisdom and intelligence (hunger is not a good friend for research). So when generating new character, try to give maximum points at wisdom and intelligence, if you want a mage or cleric).
Part 1.
Vampire scripts for player and party members
Scripts use DPLAYER2/3 so don't turn off party AI.
Scripts allow to convert party members and met NPCs to vampires.
When you start a game, you can enter Candlekeep tavern and talk to yourself - you will choose your race then (vampire, lycanthrope, demonic, drow).
Part 2.
Two new joinable characters for playing vampire.
First one - Vynona - can be found in Friendly Arm Inn.
She needs main hero to become vampire. She will join after that only. She attacks lycanthropes and demons.
She currently has only one mission - to get to Underground City in Baldur's Gate and find a vampire scout Nami.
Nami also can be joining party (if Vynona is in it).
Part 3.
Vampire Tsolak can be resurrected at Bodhi's crypt, if he is killed in SOD and you used stake to his coffin (you will get his heart and can place it in blood container in spikes room).
Part 4.
Bodhi is joinable or resurrectable after defeating her in her crypt. You must propose her something good for her.
If she is killed, you can take her heart and place it in blood container in spikes room.
If she is joined in party, you can go with her straight to elven city (with Lanthorn in pockets) and she will get you straight to Jon (without licking elven boots). You have option to aid her and let Jon kill Tree of Life.
Part 5.
Bodhi Stronghold.
If you are vampire, let Bodhi join you, have not killed any vampires in coffins by stakes (during assault on crypt for Shadow Thieves or during assault after Underdark), she will propose you to rule all vampires in Ahkatla. If you agree, you will get few 'kill them' quests from Bodhi.
All Bodhi vampires can be resurrected via pool of blood (you must have their hearts) and join party.
Cohn Ta'Glaen sells vampire goods and let buy rest. 
Part 6.
Dead lovers (Anomen, Jaheira, Aerie, Viconia).
You can place killed lovers bodies into pool and they will be resurrected as vampires instead of regaining normal form.
They have almost no dialogs yet and for seen future.
Part 7
Phlydian, a vampire courtesan, can be talked to join party in Saradush prison.
Part 8.
Shyressa, a member of Twisted Rune, is joinable. You must kill all other Twisted Rune members and she will acknowledge defeat.
Part 9.
Derek, a male vampire, that lives in cellar of burnt house in Bloodbark Grove, is recruitable and resurrectable.
Part 10.
Phreya, a vampiress in Korkorran's Crypt, that knows Hexxat, is joinable and resurrectable. Note, that you will need her joining for Vynona quest (not neccesary through).
Part 11. New Solar choices.
You can make new choices in dialogue with Solar, and she will make them true. There is one choice for each Hexxat, Bodhi and Vynona in party (if they love you - Vynona's romance is not implemented yet). Note, that end biographies are not made for characters, that use these choices.
PS About future versions that may come or not come.
I made Clairis and Lord Daerthmac resurrectable and joinable, but still wait for allowance to mod them from K4thos, so they are not included.
I added Miriam's creative commons c0 new portrait, made Lilith, Blood Raven and Marial Del Sol joinable, but still wait for permission from Raven, maker of Vampire Tales, to publish them.
I plan to make some mods characters resurrectable and joinable when they are abducted and made into vampires (if it will be allowed by their makers).
And of cause NPCs dialogues and quests would be extended if I'd have time.
This mod surely will not work with Sandrah mod or with other mods changing Solar final dialog file.


What's New in Version 0.4 (See full changelog)

  • Few addings and changes.

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