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Download Mercenaries of Sword Coast for EET 0.1

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Mercenaries of Sword Coast for EET (v0.1)
by Lassal
MEAN NOTE 1 - To play MoSC you need to have EET installed (BG1 EE+SOD+BG2 EE).
MEAN NOTE 2 - This mod is only in English and it will be so until I will decide, that I have done all dialogues (so it will be in very distant future). And my English is not good. So you could have a heart attack reading texts.:-)
MEAN NOTE 3 - Portraits, that are available in this mod, all have Creative Commons C0 license and don't require mentioning author (they were downloaded through pixabay.com).
MEAN NOTE 4 - This is early demo. Don't know when I will finish or will I finish mod at all. Some things may not work as intended.
The main idea of this mod is to allow player to hire mercenaries of races and types, that don't exist as joinable NPCs.
This came after "Pillars of Eternity" game, where player could create a mercenary, which would not have dialogues and will serve as a minion.
At least for now, these mercenaries don't have talks with main character, only hiring dialogs exist.
But I am open for cooperation, if you would like to add your creatures to mod or to make some character dialogs or even romance, contact me.
Part 1.
Mercenaries Of The Sword Coast (Main Block)
This block adds racial descriptions and some common things needed to mod to work.
Part 2.
Mercenaries allowed to hire (choosen individually during installation):
- Hamadriad Darina (can be recruited at Cloakwood Druids area)
- Bandit Igor (can be recruited at Coast Way area)
- Ogre Dubar (can be recruited at Lonely Peaks area)
- Medusa Helena (can be recruited at Mutamin's Garden area)
- Prostitute monk of Sharess Agatha (can be recruited at Feldepost's Inn Level 2 area) (no sex possibility or descriptive texts yet, just a link to some Sandrah's mod aspects - there was a temple of Sharess and I throught that Sharess monk is a good idea, we do not have many monks in game).
- Sirine archer Rada (can be recruited at Shipwreck's Coast area)
- Zombie Vladimir (can be recruited at High Hedge area house)
- Hobgoblin Madur (can be recruited at Friendly Arm Inn area)
I didn't work with assigning more sound files for them yet, because my NI throughs an error when trying to listen to sound clip.
As you see, it's only about BG1 part yet.


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