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  • 14 Oct 2022 Download PS:T Unfinished Business - Reloaded 2.0
  • 07 Feb 2021 Download PS:T Unfinished Business - Reloaded 1.5
  • 19 Jan 2019 Download PS:T Unfinished Business - Reloaded 1.4
  • 16 Dec 2018 Download PS:T Unfinished Business - Reloaded 1.3
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Download PS:T Unfinished Business - Reloaded 2.1

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A mod for PST and PST:EE, based on Qwinn's PS:T Unfinished Business, that restores cut or unfinished content.


This mod is a continuation of Qwinn's original PS:T Unfinished Business (PST-UB), based on version 4.12. It has been completely overhauled and made compatible with Planescape Torment: Enhanced Edition in addition to classic Planescape: Torment.

The mod is currently available in English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Spanish.

From the original PST-UB readme: This WeiDU mod takes the almost-but-not-quite-finished content that shipped with Black Isle's classic Planescape: Torment CRPG, and finishes and polishes it so you can actually see and enjoy the new content in your game. And as you shall soon see, there's quite a bit of it. Version 4.0 of this mod comes with no less than 18 full and non-trivial restorations.


  • All Recommended PS:T Unfinished Business Components
  • Restored Able Ponder-Thought Research
  • Restored More Morte Mortuary Moments
  • Restored Candlestick Quest
  • Restored Deionarra's Truth Conversations
  • Restored Pendant of Yemeth Quest
  • Restored Elyce & Company Quest
  • Restored Curst Citizens
  • Restored Curst Prisoners
  • Restored Carl Parfidor
  • Restored Alley of Dangerous Angles Thugs
  • Restored Morte & Ingress's Teeth Banter
  • Restored Items
  • Restored Party Comments and Banters
  • Restored Mebbeth
  • Restored Lower Ward Encounters
  • Restored Bestiary Entries
  • Restored Lothar's Abode
  • Restored Tenement of Thugs (PST:EE only)
  • Restored Spell Keys (PST:EE only)
  • Expanded Deionarra's Truth Mod
  • Restored Item Cheats (Not Recommended)
  • Miscellaneous Restorations and Improvements

More details can be found in the mod's readme.



Read the Readme


Visit the Forum


GitHub alternate download center

What's New in Version 2.1 (See full changelog)

  • Updated Polish translation (thanks memory)

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