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Download Aura NPC for BG:EE v1.9

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bgee npc

Aura Glimmershine is a young lawful good-aligned gnome artificer and inventor from the island nation of Lantan with a colorful past. Aura is kind and idealistic at heart. She can be rather shy and socially inept when interacting with strangers, but easily turns peppy and excitable when the topic strays into her fields of expertise. While she is rather weak in combat, her unique thief kit, Artificer, which grants her the ability to create a large assortment of potions, traps, arcane runes and magical items that become more versatile as she gains levels.
She can be found at the Beregost town square and carries with a small selection of personal items. If the PC is female, she may show hints of romantic attraction, though there is no full romance within BG1.
In Siege of Dragonspear, she can be found in the Coast Way Forest, after leaving Baldur's Gate.
Mod contents:

 – One new joinable NPC with banters, interjections and a friendship path

 – A new NPC-only kit, Artificer (optionally: illusionist/artificer, priestess/artificer)

 – A few custom items and item upgrades

 – A short quest during BG1

 – Full Siege of Dragonspear content with a romance for a female non-evil PC with 12 Intelligence and 10 Charisma

 – Additionally, she has crossmod content with the mod NPCs Sirene, Drake, Verr'Sza and White.
BG2EE portion of the mod is under development.

What's New in Version v1.9 (See full changelog)

  • Enemies in the Undercellar come in groups instead of individually, enemies have been de-leveled and grant more time between waves
  • Elite ninja ambush leaders have been replaced with named individuals with different classes
  • Added a new weapon
  • Fixed string and APR error on the Blade of Howling Souls
  • Added compability with IWD-style sneak attack setting
  • Added flag to prevent Aura from gaining LoB bonuses
  • Recolored and significantly downsized automatons

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