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Download Shadow Magic v1.9.367

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The Shadow Weave is an imitation of Mystra's Weave, created by Shar. Though it is practiced by few due to its dangers of creating a pact with the goddess of night and loss, those who choose to draw power from the Shadow Weave despite its risks become Shadow Adepts, magicians who exchange their own life force to call upon powerful magic to bend wills, ensnare minds and deceive the senses. Those who become experienced with the Shadow Art are able to call upon powers others could only dream of.


This mod allows the player to become a Shadow Adept, a mage which is unable to use regular arcane magic, but uses Shadow Weave magic instead, having a selection of roughly a dozen spells for each spell level. Some spells are imitations of those of the Weave, with similar but often more powerful effects. Others have unique effects not shared by any other spells. However, such power comes as a price, as each spell the Shadow Adept uses also carries the risk of temporarily draining the caster's Constitution, causing the risk of death if too many spells are cast in succession. The more powerful the spell, the greater the cost.


The mod is separated into an essential and a few optional components:


Component 1: Shadow Magic: Main Component

- Adds the Shadow Adept mage kit, as well as the Shadow Disciple sorcerer kit and the Nightsinger bard kit.


Component 2: Shadow Monk

- Adds the Shadow Monk, a monk kit which is physically weaker than a regular monk but can backstab, drain hit points with melee attacks, and cast a limited selection of Shadow Weave spells.


Component 3: Quests and Encounters (BG:EE)

- Adds a few combat encounters with Shadow Adepts and a new store to BG:EE, with many new items usable by shadow adepts. Encounters are available for any class.


Component 4: Enhanced Shade Lord (BG2:EE)

- Modifies the Shade Lord to grant a new ability for power-hungry Shadow Adepts, as well as optionally giving it the ability to use Shadow Weave spells for a more challenging encounter.

What's New in Version v1.9.367 (See full changelog)

  • Added new component: BETA Spell Learning System
  • Fixed intelligence bonuses for 24-25 INT

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