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Download Artemius' House Tweaks for EE

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Attention: I will no longer be directly hosting my mods on Spellhold Studios. A direct link to them on my github will be attached below.


Assorted personalized tweaks that might interest others. Will be updated regularly as I make more changes, will accept requests or suggestions within reason.

Adds new racial enemies.
This component unifies the racial enemy selection between BG:EE, BG2:EE and IWD:EE and offers an expanded variety of choices. The available racial enemies include:


  • Ankheg, Basilisk, Bear, Beholder, Carrion Crawler, Doppleganger, Dragon, Drider, Dwarf, Elemental, Elf, Ettercap, Ettin, Fairy, Fiend, Genie, Ghoul, Giant, Gibberling, Githyanki, Goblin, Golem, Gnoll, Gnome, Half-elf, Half-orc, Halfling, Hobgoblin, Human, Imp, Kobold, Kuo-toa, Lich, Lizardfolk, Lycanthrope, Mephit, Mind Flayer, Minotaur, Myconid, Ogre, Orc, Otyugh, Rakshasa, Sahuagin, Salamander, Shadow, Shambling Mound, Skeleton, Slime, Spider, Troll, Umber Hulk, Vampire, Wolf, Wyvern, Yeti, Yuan-ti, Zombie

Modifies the weapon style proficiencies to be more diverse and useful.
This component rebalances the bonuses granted by the weapon styles, giving each style its own niche.

Two-Handed Weapon Style
0 points: -1 penalty to Armor Class
1 point: +1 Damage, +2 Speed Factor, +1 Critical Hit Rate
2 points: +3 Damage, +4 Speed Factor, +1 Critical Hit Rate
Sword and Shield Style
0 points: -1 penalty to THAC0
1 point: +1 Armor Class, +1 Armor Class vs. Missiles
2 points: +2 Armor Class, +4 Armor Class vs. Missiles

Single Weapon Style
0 points: Nothing
1 point: +1 THAC0, +1 Armor Class, +1 Critical Hit Rate
2 points: +2 THAC0, +2 Armor Class, +2 Critical Hit Rate

Two Weapon Style
0 points: -4 penalty to THAC0, -8 penalty to Off-Hand THAC0
1 points: -2 penalty to THAC0, -4 penalty to Off-Hand THAC0
2 points: -2 penalty to THAC0, -2 penalty to Off-Hand THAC0
3 points: +2 Armor Class, -2 penalty to Off-Hand THAC0

Provides more versatile and powerful shapeshifting for druids.
This component replaces the mediocre shapeshifting abilities of the vanilla druid with a much more powerful ability. The druid and avenger gain a 'Wild Shape' ability which, three times per day, allows them to shapeshift into five different animal forms.

The totemic druid and shapeshifter are not affected by this component.

Modifies racial stat bonuses and proficiencies.
This component alters the racial bonuses of the playable races as follows:

  • Dwarves, halflings and gnomes suffer a -2 penalty to THAC0 when wielding two-handed melee weapons
  • Elves gain a +2 bonus to THAC0 when wielding bows, longswords and shortswords
  • Dwarves gain a +2 bonus to THAC0 when wielding axes and warhammers
  • Halflings gain a +2 bonus to THAC0 when wielding darts, daggers and slings
  • Half-Orcs gain a +2 bonus to THAC0 when wielding two-handed melee weapons
  • Dwarves no longer suffer a -1 penalty to Dexterity
  • Halflings no longer suffer a -1 penalty to Wisdom
  • Half-Orcs suffer a -2 penalty to Charisma instead of Intelligence

Gives monks the ability to use and be proficient in quarterstaves.
This component enables quarterstaff and two-handed weapon style proficiency for monks, complete with proper animations.

All classes get equal hit point bonuses for constitution. Regeneration rates increased all around.
This component makes Constitution a much stronger stat for non-warrior classes by granting full hit point bonuses to all classes.

Additionally, this component also greatly increases high-constitution regeneration rates as well as giving slow regeneration to lower constitution values. CON-based Regeneration has always felt a little too slow to be useful and this was my attempt to make the effect much more noticeable. Also, as a player who tries to rest sparingly, slow regeneration makes resting between area transitions less necessary while not affecting combat. This will also hopefully also reduce cases of 'resting for 3 days and 16 hours' for those who play with 'rest until fully healed' enabled.


Modifies the HLAs Resist Magic, Critical Strike, War Cry
These three High Level Abilities are, in my opinion, poorly implemented. War Cry has a pathetic effect, Resist Magic has anti-synergy with spells and equipment, and Critical Strike is abused with high APR which overshadows Whirlwind Attack. As such, I've changed all three abilities significantly:

Resist Magic
This ability allows the warrior to temporarily tap a great inner strength and fight off the effects of malevolent magic. For 5 rounds, the warrior gains a +10 bonus to all saves. In addition, the warrior absorbs the next 20 spell level's worth of spells cast upon them. The saving throw bonus always persists for the full duration.

Critical Strike
A high-level warrior's intimate knowledge of vital spots on opponents allows them to, once per day, concentrate their next attack to strike a vital area. With this ability, the warrior's next attack is a natural 20, a critical hit that deals 4x damage (2x against enemies immune to critical hits).

War Cry
With a War Cry, the warrior lets out an invigorating roar, healing their hit points to full in addition to removing fatigue and restoring drained levels.

Makes a couple interactions more convenient for the player.
Allows the player to get the reputation bonus from Officer Vai without giving up the ability to sell scalps. Talking to Brage no longer forces the party to teleport back to Nashkel.

Removes the 90% physical resistance from Candlekeep's rats.
Makes Candlekeep's worst sidequest more bearable, especially in Legacy of Bhaal mode.

Allows the player to acquire items that previous required evil actions.
Soul Reaver and Girdle of Frost Giant Strength: The morally upright players may attempt to desecrate the shrine to Demogorgon to draw the attention of the Demon Knights instead of offering up a living sacrifice. Beware though, a transgression against the Prince of Demons will not go unpunished. Non-evil clerics and paladins get a safer alternative.

Silver Pantaloons: After freeing Lady Elgea, the party will receive the Silver Pantaloons from a messenger after three days.

Deck of Many Things: After playing the game with Aesgareth the cambion, assuming a peaceful resolution, he may be persuaded to trade the deck... for a rather steep price, naturally.

Removes annoying micromanagement.
Not much explanation required I hope. The Cloak of Dragomir only decreases its wearer's stats while standing in daylight. Hexxat will also auto-equip the cloak when necessary if it is in her inventory.

Grants stat bonuses to the EENPCs in BG2 (except Hexxat).
This component gives a boost to the stats of the EENPCs, in line with the returning BG1 party members.

  • Rasaad: +1 Strength, Dexterity, Constitution
  • Neera: +2 Constitution, +1 Intelligence
  • Dorn: +1 Dexterity, +2 Charisma

Gives abilities to the plot items that stay in the inventory.
This component (originally its own mod) gives special abilities to the Mask of King Strohm III, Shadow Dragon Wardstone and Symbol of Amaunator.

Makes killing trolls less annoying.
This component modifies the troll's near death mechanic to make them fall over a lot faster than usual.

Restores the reputation increase sound for BG2.
This component brings the reputation increase jingle from BG:EE into BG2:EE.

Adds character record text for all races.
This component adds text to the character record screen for all races in the game.

Changes the unarmored thief avatar.
This component restores the hoodless avatars for unarmored thieves from vanilla BG2. Options for each race can be chosen individually.

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