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Download (OSX) Northern Tales of the Sword Coast 3.1.0

- - - - -

More spells (two), items, new areas, and several major quests are all part of this mod. One large quest is given to you by Duke Eltan (before you go to Candlekeep). One of the longest quests also starts before Candlekeep: Talk to the lady outside the Sorceror's Sundries. One quest can be started by talking to Yness in Ulgoth's Beard. The rest can be done during the TotSC quests in Ulgoth's Beard. Quests take you through new areas of the Firewine Bridge, the Field of the Dead, and several new areas around Beregost and Nashkel you didn't know existed!


The install has eight parts: the main component (obligatory for the mod) and five optional components of restored game content, the joinable NPC Will O'Hara, and some fighting encounters:

--Keelor the Dwarf
--Pilar and Gheldehar
--Nim Furlwing
--Llindellyn's Lucky Arrow
--Svlast's Torment
--Will O'Hara NPC
--Fighting Encounters


Will is a Human Bard, S 17, I 14, W 13, D 14, C 14, Ch 15. Note: He will have some interjections in his home town Beregost but apart from that is a silent NPC with no dialogues or banter with the PC or party.


What's New in Version 3.1.0 (See full changelog)

  • Angel's rebalancing fixes:
  • -Officer Tytus, Haeball, the Black Hand cultists and General Ghotal now have appropriate stats for their levels, especially in HP and AC
  • -Haeball has been given a proper spell list and script
  • -General Ghotal will now actually be able to hit back much more often than once every two rounds
  • -Tytus will no longer have guaranteed hits every round as his THAC0 has been fixed.
  • -removed some items (one robe that was just too good for BG1, a potion that was utterly useless in BG1, and the duplicate ankheg plates),
  • -added a few new ones (one original, the rest IWD imports)
  • -tweaked a few existing ones (mainly those in Firewine).
  • -included a few fixes for install issues on Linux, mainly the installer not being able to install tilesets properly on EE, resulting in black lines between the tiles.
  • jastey's bugfixes and changes:
  • -Giving Ordolath his candle will now give exp, always
  • -added reply option to decline Lobar's offer eben though the PC has the gold
  • -several traps are now detectable (flagg was missing)
  • -added ntotsc.ini

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