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  • Submitted: Apr 10 2020 12:52 AM
  • Last Updated: Apr 13 2020 04:21 AM
  • File Size: 4.06MB
  • Views: 1112
  • Downloads: 644

Previous Versions

  • 12 Apr 2020 Download Solaufein Flirt Pack for the Solaufein Romance Mod v1.2
  • 12 Apr 2020 Download Solaufein Flirt Pack for the Solaufein Romance Mod v1.2
  • 10 Apr 2020 Download Solaufein Flirt Pack for the Solaufein Romance Mod v1.1

Download Solaufein Flirt Pack for the Solaufein Romance Mod v1.2

- - - - -

This mod is an add-on to one of (perhaps the) first NPC mods for BG2 designed using WeiDU. It adds flirting technology to the Weimer's excellent Solaufein Romance Mod, who shipped without this ability. This should create more enjoyable out of this legendary NPC mod!

For the original Solaufein Romance Mod, which includes all of his background information as Wes originally created it, please visit www.weidu.org. For the original Flirt Pack idea, please visit the Solaufein Forum at www.pocketplane.net.



Note: This mod was first released at RPGDungeon.net. As this site is no more available since many years, it was time to save it from disappearance. It is now hosted at Spellhold Studios with Rastor authorization.



Read the Readme


SHS official GitHub alternate download center


What's New in Version v1.2 (See full changelog)

  • Added rpgsolaflirtpack.ini metadata file to support AL|EN's "Project Infinity".
  • Renamed setup-rpgsolaflirtpack.tp2 -> rpgsolaflirtpack.tp2 to support AL|EN's "Project Infinity".
  • Replaced `AUTHOR` keyword with `SUPPORT`.
  • Added missing `REQUIRE_PREDICATE` process to avoid installing the mod in inaccurate games and if Weimer's Solaufein Romance Mod is not installed.
  • Added component `DESIGNATED` number and "solaufein_flirt_pack" `LABEL`.
  • Added missing `HANDLE_CHARSETS` function to convert string entries for EE games.
  • Removed rpgsolaflirtpack.rpgd marked file.
  • Added native BG2:EE and EET compatibilities.
  • Added jastey's compatibility improvements with Weimer's and other scripting stuff:
  • - Added "InParty(Myself) See(Player1) !ActuallyInCombat() !See([ENEMY])" to all script blocks, so they do not interrupt fighting orders.
  • - Removed script block to reset timer while in combat. No script blocks should be executed during combat as they interrupt Solaufein's fighting.
  • - Added "!StateCheck(Myself,CD_STATE_NOTVALID) !StateCheck(Player1,CD_STATE_NOTVALID)" to all script blocks that trigger dialogues. (replaced STATE_SLEEPING)
  • - Removed wrong randomNum in PIDs.
  • - "Hug Solaufein" in town will only play once. Detection of town via script toggle variable "*RPGSolaFlirtSOA_Inside Town*".
  • - PID from original Solaufein mod will be added to Flirts-PIDs. This way, no possibilities to communicate with Solaufein (e.g. skip the hart fight) will be lost.
  • - Removed unnecessary trigger variables from Solaufein initiated flirt dialogues (trigger dialogues by the trigger variable only).
  • - PID flirt "buy Solaufein a drink" inside tavern will only be available once.
  • Added Gwendolyne's workaround to fix the no-initiating flirt options when clicking on Solaufein for the first time: not tested in game.
  • tp2 file: replaced old-school `DECOMPILE_DLG_TO_D` plus `COMPILE_D_TO_DLG` process with more accurate `DECOMPILE_AND_PATCH` command.
  • Included BWP Fixpack hotfixes:
  • - rpgsola.baf: <a href="http://www.shsforums.net/topic/42220-fixes-for-the-big-fixpack/page-10#entry483544">Lollorian's corrected AreaCheck</a>.
  • - rpgsolaflirts.d: <a href="http://www.shsforums.net/topic/42220-fixes-for-the-big-fixpack/page-17#entry488705">Lollorian's corrected AreaCheck</a>.
  • - rpgsolaflirts.tra: replaced wrong token "<CHARNAME.>" with "<CHARNAME>." (@433).
  • rpgsolaflirts.tra: got rid of all special characters that may cause glitches in a few foreign languages.
  • Wrote a new rpgsolaflirtpack-readme-english.html readme file and moved it into new "readme" folder.
  • Removed useless backup folder.
  • Reorganized mod architecture tree: created "lang" and "files" folders to sort files according to their types.
  • Lower cased files.
  • Included Linux and Mac Os X versions in the same package (thanks AL|EN's Infinity Auto Packager tool!).
  • Updated WeiDU installer to v246.
  • Uploaded mod to official Spellhold Studios GitHub mirror account.

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