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  • 28 Aug 2021 Download Dimension Gate: Or How TV Bunny searched TV Remote Control 1.1
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Download Dimension Gate: Or How TV Bunny searched TV Remote Control 1.1

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Dimension Door Teleport Dimension Gate TV Bunny

Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition, MOD: Dimension Gate: Or How TV Bunny searched TV Remote Control
Download Mirror: https://ulozto.net/f...n-gate-v1-0-rar

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Download Mirror: https://ulozto.net/f...ffects-v1-0-rar

Primary purpose of this mod was add more teleportation abilities to players, which will work in multiplayer game also, even if other players don't have mod installed or player is not game host!
Main Teleportation spells are Dimension Gate I,II..X with ten ranks which allow cross map teleportation to any official maps in BG2 and TOB.
Second important spells are Dimension Mark I,II..X also with ten ranks which mark place to which player wants to return.
It is recommended to learn spells in logical order for easier orientation.
There is also universal but expensive spells "Dimension Gate" and "Dimension Mark" which offer to cast any from ten spell ranks similar like wizard spell "Spell Immunity".
Learning "Dimension Gate" and "Dimension Mark" will delete any previously learned spells ranks from spell toolbar, it is up to you if you prefer separate spell ranks or all in one spell.
Only mages and sorcerers can learn Dimension Gate/Mark spells.
Dimension mark is saved as local variable to playable mage/sorcerers so 2 mages in party can mark 20 different places!

Q: I installed mod what now, how do i find new stuff from mod?
A: All spell scrolls, items and quest are located on special map, in the parallel reality of Irenicus Dungeon, map is similar but... a crazy rofl things happen there.

Q: How do i get to this parallel reality map?
A: You need to find "Magic Mirror", it is glowing floating mirror object (not item), it is located on first map AR0602, Irenicus Dungeon, mirror will be there even if you already started game. Or ... you can get there from AR0500 Bridge District, in the north-west is a locked house (the one with Neb treasure), inside is magic mirror, Minsc must be in the party ("For that you will need power of giant space hamster"), Player1 need to stand close before the mirror.

Q: Will other multiplayer companions envy, that they cannot teleport?
A: Terribly.


Recommended party:
Imoen/Yoshimo (or any thief)
Minsc (Required)

Few new useful items can be found inside parallel reality dungeon, eg. Djini/Efreeti Bottle, Trap Detector, Lightsabers!
There is hidden a secret treasure. Rest of items and spell can be bought from mobile trader *spoiler :)
Simply everything on one map.



Main Teleportation Spells:
Dimension Mark I
Dimension Mark II
Dimension Mark III
Dimension Mark IV
Dimension Mark V
Dimension Mark VI
Dimension Mark VII
Dimension Mark VIII
Dimension Mark IX
Dimension Mark X
Dimension Mark (all spell ranks in one, removes ranks I..X)

Dimension Gate I
Dimension Gate II
Dimension Gate III
Dimension Gate IV
Dimension Gate V
Dimension Gate VI
Dimension Gate VII
Dimension Gate VIII
Dimension Gate IX
Dimension Gate X
Dimension Gate (all spell ranks in one, removes ranks I..X)

Improved Dimension Door
Improved Dimension Door (Group)
Gorion's Evasion
Gorion's Dimension Door
Gorion's Improved Dimension Door

Cleric/Paladin/Druid/Shaman Spells:
Holy Light
Greater Healing
Circle of Healing
Holy Nova
Healing Aura
Divine Shield
Sacred Divine Shield
Power Word: Shield
Divine Aegis
Spirit Shell
Force Shield
Power Word: Fortitude
Lava Burst
Lightning Ball
Lightning Storm

Mage/Sorcerer Spells:
Enhanced Web
Kirin Tor Teleport
Ice Block
Frost Nova
Blast Wave
Arcane Explosion
Electro Ball
Cleanse and Purge
Molten Blast
Greater Pyroblast
Black Hole
Ice Barrier
Blazing Barrier
Prismatic Shield
Prismatic Barrier
Time Rift
Lightning Strike
Power Word, Kill
Flame Shock
Mirror Clones
Acid Ball
Glacial Spike
MK Fireball
Dimension Puff (Djini/Efreeti only)

What's New in Version 1.1 (See full changelog)

  • - added support for BG2:EET maps

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