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  • 25 Apr 2007 Download cbisson's Familiar Pack

Download cbisson's Familiar Pack

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cbisson's Familiar Pack

For the past four or five months I have tried so hard to make a new spell which can summon stronger, more powerful familiars that do not actually override the installed ones. I have tried using effects, spells, scripts, everything that I could think of. And none of it worked. I can't even figure out how the real spell (SPWI123) works, never mind what it does. Perhaps some day I will have a breakthrough.

I think the problem- well, not problem but lack of use of, the Find Familiar spell is that the familiars are too valuable to have out in the open. Well, one fireball and they could die. That's a pain in the butt if you lose constitution and don't want to use the ultimate spell Time Redo (reload your save :-)) So I really think that the Familiars should be more powerful than they are because of the fact that Familiars cannot actually increase in level so once you get one, you are stuck with this weak, easily killed rabbit or cat. So stuff him in the pack and forget about him. Well, that's not particularly useful.
Until I or someone else figures out how the darn spell works, I'm publishing these. They are only overrides, so there isn't much to the pack. I really wish I could figure out how the spell Find Familiar works, because if I could, I have big plans for it. Until then, suffer with these!

By the way, I really like the Spotted Lion familiar. I don't think I put him in my pack more than two or three times during the entire game, and he was USEFUL to the party, which is one reason for actually summoning a familiar. So if you want to use any of these regardless of your alignment, just rename your choice to all the other creature files though you should know that the dialogs that familiars use ARE dependant on your alignment so unless you change the dialog, you could run into problems releasing the familiar from your pack.
- cbisson

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