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  • Submitted: May 06 2007 09:58 AM
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Download The Bow of Bones (revisited)

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Readthis for the Bow of Bones (revisited...aka The Bone Bow) by Nicoroshi

Reason for this mod:

The bow of bones was the second mod I ever released, and I was still rather new to modeling, and texturing at that time.

The model is made up of the Bethesda Skeleton that I broke apart to create a bow out of.

I tried to create a texture, and UVMap for the first version, and quite honestly failed badly.

Many people have asked if I would redo the texture now that my skills have gotten better, and a good friend of mine Jackmix69 was

one of them that finally got me off my butt to do it.

I used Bethesda's skeleton texture, and the UVMap from in game for that model also.

This ment that I had to redo the model as the old one was welded, and planer (split) mapped so I found it easier to just start over.

What this mod Does:

This mod does the same thing the previous version did.

It places one Bow of Bones just within the front gate of Cloud Ruler Temple.

It's on the steps (on the left side)....can't miss it.


Unpack the archive with WinRAR to a location you can find (like My Documents/My mods).

Place the folder marked 'Data' into the Oblivion Directory (where the Oblivion.exe is located).

When asked to overwrite say "Yes"

Remember to place a checkmark next to The Bow of Bones Revisited the next time you start Oblivion.


Remove the checkmark from The Bow of Bones.esp in the data tab at Oblivion start-up.

If you'd like to remove the files also they are located in folders labeled "The Bow of Bones" located under meshes, and textures (not required to remove).

Known Issues:

This mod is ment to replace the first release of the Bow of Bones, and therefore some files are located in folders labeled the same as the first release.

PLEASE REMOVE THE ORIGINAL (If you had it installed)'The Bow of Bones.esp" from your data directory as it will not work correctly after this mod is installed over it.

You'll have to pay a visit to Cloud Ruler temple to regain the bow if it (the first version) was in your inventory at the time of installing this mod over it.

If you never had the first released version of the Bow of Bones installed ther should be no issues.


Thanks to Jackmix69 for the kick in the pants to make this mod what it should have been from the start.
Thanks to Bethesda for the mesh, and texture used to create this bow (from Vanilla OB)
Thanks to Windy for finding the easy way to map the bowmorph.


Feel free to re-release this mod in it's original form should I become unreachable.
This mod is also alright to use as a modders resource so long as credit is given to me for creating the bow, and to Bethesda for creating the mesh, and texture used to make the bow.

Author's note:

Sorry this has taken so long to get here. I hope you enjoy it. :)

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