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Download Mirage Bow

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Readthis for the Mirage Bow by Nicoroshi

Reason for this mod:

I was PMed by a member of ESF (Sanosuke) asking if I could re-create a bow from the game 'Prince of Persia' for use in Oblivion.

I really liked the look of the bow so I agreed.

What it Does:

This mod has three .esp files included. You need to use only one but can use all if you choose.

Each .esp is specific to a texture created for this bow.

All bows will spawn in the same place regardless of which .esp you choose.

The bow is located in the fort ruins of Facian in the 'Vaults of Honor'.

It is sitting on the chest in the boss' room.

Facian is located in the Nibenay Basin Southeast of the Reed river.


Unpack the .rar file, and drop the folder marked 'Data' into your Oblivion Directory (Where the Oblivion.exe is located).

Be sure to place a checkmark next to the .esp of the version of the Mirage Bow you wish to use when starting Oblivion.


Remove the checkmark(s) from the Mirage_XXXXX.esp(s) you are using.

If you'd like to remove the files (Not required) they are all in folders marked 'Mirage' under textures, and meshes.

(7 .dds files, and 3 .nif files)

Known Issues:

None that I know of as this mod contains unique meshes,textures, and icon not found in the Vanilla Oblivion or any other mod as of the writing of this readthis.


Within the files you unpacked is a folder marked 'Hints'.

This contains pictures of the location of the ruins, and the location within the ruins.

Use these (or not) as you see fit.


Big thanks to Sanosuke for the idea to model this bow for Oblivion, and for feedback during it's creation.

Big thanks also to my friend Buddah who came up with 'Mirage' as the name.

Thanks to all who replied in my wip thread with feedback, and ideas.


This model, textures, and icon are free to use as a modders resource so long as credit is given for my original work.

This mod may also be re-uploaded in it's original form should I become unavailable.

Enjoy :)

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