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Download Bow of Robin of Locksley

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Readthis for "The Bow of Robin of Locksley"

Reason for this mod:

After I created the Mongolian Horseman's bow I recieved some requests to change the textures to re-create Robin Hood's bow from the BBC series.
I ended up reworking the mesh as well to make the top\bottom more slender, and smaller than the Mongolian bow I made.
This isn't exactly like the bow from the series (I don't watch television), but is my attempt to recreate what I saw in pictures that were linked to me.
I hope I got it close.

What it Does:

This mod adds one Bow of Robin of Locksley to Outlaw Endre's Hideout which is Northwest of the Imperial City between the Orange, and Red roads.
Seems that Robin of Locksley lost his bow somehow to Endre, or was just absent from the hideout in the Great Forest when the player arrives.
It's sitting on the table in Endre's humble abode.


Unzip the file, and drop the 'data' folder in your Oblivion directory (where the OB .exe is located).
Be sure to check "The Bow of Robin of Locksley".esp in your data directory at start-up.


Remove the checkmark from "The Bow of Robin of Locksley".esp in your data directory.
If you'd like to remove the files as well they are all in folders marked "The Bow of Robin of Locksley" under meshes,textures,and icons.

Known Issues:

None that I know of as this is a unique mesh\texture\and icon that are not in the vanilla Oblivion or any mod as of the writing of this readme.


Enclosed in the files is a folder marked "Hints". This contains two pictures. One of the location of Endre's Hideout, and the other is the location within the cave of the bow.
Use these (or not) as you see fit.


Big thanks to Windy for finding the easy way to map bowmorphs.
Thanks also to Therealmat from TESSource's forums for his request, and providing pictures, and feedback\ideas. (hope you enjoy it).

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