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Download Doomshard Bow

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Readme for The Doomshard Bow by Nicoroshi v1.3

Reason for this mod:

I enjoy modelling bows, and love the shape of the bows from Linage 2. I have modelled three to date, but the first two were made for an upcoming mod\expansion
that I am helping out with called War of Revelations.
The items created for this (w-o-r) mod are going to remain w-o-r exclusive, and will not be released separately. I have recieved many requests to please release
these bows.
I created this bow separate from the w-o-r mod so the community could enjoy one of my better models before the w-o-r mod is released. (Patience for some is tough I know)
I hope this brings everyone enjoyment, and provides a little teaser to what the w-o-r mod holds in store.

What it does:

This mod adds one Doomshard bow to the fire pit at the bottom of Hrotanda Vale Sanctum ruins located North of Chorrol. It is guarded by bandits, and a couple of undead. It was believed that
the bow would bring about the ruin of the bandit gang so they placed the bow in the fire to try and destroy it. (I guess it does bring their ruin)


Unzip the file, and drop the data folder into your Oblivion directory. (where the .exe is located). Say, "Yes" if prompted to write in existing files.
Be sure and check the "Doomshard Bow" .esp in your Data files at start-up of Oblivion.


Remove the check mark from the "Doomshard Bow" .esp, and delete. The mesh, and texture files are located under weapons/Doomshard if you'd like to remove them as well.

Known Issues:

None that I know of as this is a new mesh, and texture so it doesn't change anything from the vanilla Oblivion, or any mod as of the date of this writing.


Enclosed is a folder marked 'Hints' that contains screenshots of the location of the ruins, and the location within the ruins of the Doomshard Bow.
Use these (or not) as you see fit.


Big thanks to Windy from the ESF for finding the easy way to map bowmorphs.

Also Big thanks to PhantomVoid from ESF for naming the bow, and the rest of the members who replied to my thread with ideas, and names.

Change Log

version 1.2 - Compressed the image files, and renamed the readme.
version 1.3 - Replaced the icon with a custom one.

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