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Download Nico's Dreadweave complete

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Readthis for Dreadweave Complete v.1.4

Reason for this mod:

I created this for those that want the entire Dreadweave set, and a cleaner data directory.

What It Does:

This mod combines:

Nico's Dreadweave Armor v1.4
Nico's Daes' Rakan Swords v1.2
Nico's Dreadweave Axes v1.2
Nico's Dreadweave Bow, and Arrows v1.1
Nico's Dread Doomshard Bow v1.0

into a two .esp files. One for heavy armor, and one for light armor. Both the light, and heavy versions contain all the weapons.

As of version 1.2 the off-hand weapons will match the armor designation (light, or heavy).

As of version 1.3 the offhand weapons have an auto equip script so they will automaticly equip, and un-equip with the matching weapon if they are in your inventory.

As of Armor version 1.4 the mix, and match of the curiass is repaired to work with vanilla armor greaves, and curiass'.

As of Armor version 1.4 the gap at the back of the neck when using the cuirass without the hood has been repaired.

All items are located at the end of Ondo Aylied ruins on, and around an altar with an Aylied cask on it.


Only the glow mapped version of the armor is included in this mod to cut down on confusion installing the extra files included in the original release of the armor.

If you would like to have armor that DOESN'T GLOW please download the version 1.31 of the Dreadweave Armor, and install the meshes, and texture folders ONLY into the data directory as they are named the same and will overwrite the glow mapped version.

It is also suggested to remove the .dds_g files from the folder marked 'Nico's Dreadweave Armor' located in the Data\textures\armor folder.


Unpack the archive to a known location (like my documents). Drop the folder marked 'Data' into your Oblivion directory (where the Oblivion.exe is located)

Be sure to place a checkmark next to the version (light, or heavy armor) you wish to use at Oblivion start-up in the Data directory.


Remove the checkmark from the 'Dreadweave Complete (light or heavy).esp' found in your Data directory at Oblivion start-up.

Known Issues:


2.The Daes' Rakan Parry sword will bounce around the room if you load a save game in the room where the armor is located before actually obtaining the parry Daes' Rakan.

Suggestion: load a save somewhere away from the room where the parry sword is located, and walking up to it as this will keep the havok glitch from happening.

3.If you have been using one or more of the Dreadweave mods, and want to swich to the combined .esp you will lose the items you have found if the original .esp is disabled.

Suggestion: travel to Ondo, and just before entering the final room where the items are located save your game. Disable the single release mods, and enable the combined.

Enter the room, and reclaim Dreadweave.

Other than that there should be no issues using this armor, and weapons as there should be no conflicts with other mods or vanilla Oblivion because all the files have unique names not found in anything except the mods that this mod contains.


I have enclosed a file marked 'Hints' which contains pictures of the location of Ondo as well as the location within Ondo where the armor, and weapons are located.

Use these (or not) as you see fit.


Big thanks to Ghost_Ruler for the bug report on the curiass gap issue when used without a hood.

Thanks to Bethesda for the original meshes and texture I modified to create this armor.

Thanks also to J.R.R. Tolkien for creating Tengwar cursive.

Last but not least thanks to Blood Reaver from the ESF for the name, and all who answered my WIP threads with ideas, and feedback.


It is O.K. to re-release this mod in it's original form should I become unreachable.

It is also O.K. to use the meshes, textures, and icons as a modders resource so long as credit is given for my original work.

Version log:

1.0= initial release
1.1= Re-worked the .nif files for the Dreadweave axes for better lighting reactions.
1.2= Opened the .esp files, and made the off-hand weapons match the armor designation for either the light or heavy version. :)
1.3= Added auto equip script for the offhand weapons.
1.4= Re-worked the curiass.nif for both the male, and female versions so mixing, and matching with other armors is possible, and so that when used without a hood there is no gap on the back of the neck.

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