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Download Pip!

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Pip got bored at the spa, and wanted to travel & see the world! Take her with you on your adventures! KaliaPip.esp includes dragonling race & Pip as NPC record "sgUnkaPipPC" for face importage.

Pip is mostly everyone else's great work, I just cobbled her together! Included in this mod are the face textures by Luchaire; AlienSlof's jeweled version of Spike4072's demon tail from Goth Shop II & the dragon wings from Alexander Wolf, merged into one tail-slot mesh by Hector the Hooded; Spike4072's ear meshes for zombie216's Night Elf race; and the merged teeth from Scanti that free up a slot for her nose ring. *NOT INCLUDED BUT REQUIRED FOR PIP* You'll still need Goth Shop II - but you already have that, right? - because one of the nose rings is assigned to the dragonling race in the CS. The eyes are a unique eye form in the CS but use Nequam's dremora eyes from Elaborate Eyes, so you'll need either the original mod or a mod that includes it (i.e. Beautiful People). The dragonling race uses Ren's hairs, assigned also to unique forms, but you'll still need the resources. Pip herself's hair is using the resources from RE4LeonsHaircut by renzeekin and Ascendence Kel, get it here: http://www.tessource...le.php?id=10236. Dragonlings are copies of Bretons but using Argonian textures, and I believe it'll only work if you're using a body mod that includes the argonian textures - but it shouldn't matter which body mod. The face textures were made to match BAB.

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