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Download Reneer's Corpse Mod 0.98

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Reneer's Corpse Mod 0.98
By: Reneer

This mod lets corpses decay - from 'normal' to 'zombie' to 'skeleton' to 'ash' then they disappear. This process will usually take two days for each decomposition stage. The time for each decomposition stage can be changed.

Zombies and Skeletons (only those that where once NPC Actors) will sometimes rise up from the dead! You can set the frequency of this occurrence and other mod settings by equipping the Corpse Configuration Ring that will appear in your inventory. The ring will automatically unequip itself after you equip it, and then you must exit your inventory to access the Configuration Menu.

Zombies will also continue to wear the armor and have the weapons that they had in life. Skeletons will also wear armor and use their weapons.

Though I have tested this mod in several of my own saved games, running this mod could cause your save games to be corrupted, it could crash Oblivion, etc. If it breaks your game... send me a bug report!


0.98 ? Fixed bugs with decomposition stages. Added more options to the Configuration Menu. Added in more textures for the zombies. Changed default settings.

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