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Download Flucidity's TattooTextureResource

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Tattooed Body Texture Resource 2
Updated with Pre-Configured Body Textures

This Package Includes:

Five HiRes body textures for the female Exnem Eyecandy body. (DDS with normal)
Working Photoshop File with Tattoo Layers for You To Configure
Individual Tattoo Layers (.PSB Files)

*The Included Files Are A Texture Resource For TES4 Oblivion, and Intended
As A Resource Only*

(There is limited support, but I will assist if need be)

The base body texture has been heavily altered and is 2048*2048 pixel size. Exnem Eyecandy
female body is required to use these body textures. Knowledge of Photoshop or compatible image
manipulation software, DDS format and normal plugins and/ or conversion software is also required.

There are five textures with tattoos applied in a preconfigured manner, and one with no tattoos.
Pick the one that suits you, copy it to the race folder /female. Each file has a normal file that accompanies it.
(RenFootFemale1.dds, RenFootFemal1_n.dds) Make certain you backup your original
before renaming the new files.
Rename Renfootfemale#.dds and Renfootfemale#_n.dds to the original filename (footfemale.dds, etc)

You will need Photo rendering software capable of importing Adobe Photoshop CS3 Professional .PSD files, and .PSB tattoo layers.
The photoshop files were all saved with maximum compatibility.

Photoshop format (PSD)

Photoshop format (PSD) is the default file format and the only format, besides the Large Document Format (PSB), that supports most Photoshop features. Because of the tight integration between Adobe products, other Adobe applications, such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe GoLive, can directly import PSD files and preserve many Photoshop features. For more information, see Help for the specific Adobe applications.

When saving a PSD, you can set a preference to maximize file compatibility. This saves a composite version of a layered image in the file so it can be read by other applications, including previous versions of Photoshop. It also maintains the appearance of blended layers in the future.

16‑bits-per-channel and high dynamic range 32‑bits-per-channel images can be saved as PSD files.

Photoshop Support
This package is meant solely as a texture resource pack of my photoshop files I use to apply tattoos to an Oblivion character.

If you want more tattoo options, I have also included in this download a working .psd file with tatto layers you can
enable and disable to your liking. you can do anything you want with them, there are practically no limitations.
There are instructions on how to use them are located at:

The only limitations I set to using these textures is that you ask my permission if you decide to use them in a mod.
If I cannot be reached for some reason, at least give me credit.

PM Flucidity at Spellholdstudios.com or Flucidity25@http://teseyecandy.com/forum

More tattoo tools:
Tasty Tattoo: Photoshop pens and PNG files.

Tasty_Tattoo_HighRes001.zip are brushes. You can resize from 1 to about 2500 pixels
Tasty_Tattoo_PNG are all the very large PNG files (around 2400, 2400) which you can alter.
This is not included in this package, but can be downloaded from Spellhoundstudios



I can be reached on Spellhoundsudios.net forums if you have any questions or concerns

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