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Previous Versions

  • 10 Feb 2021 Download Hubelpot the Vegetable Merchant v2.0.0
  • 25 Apr 2007 Download Hubelpot the Vegetable Merchant (Beta)

Download Hubelpot the Vegetable Merchant v2.1.0

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Hubelpot started out as a joke, turned into a one day NPC, then a one week NPC, and is now an NPC project. Let this be a lesson to all of you never, ever to tell a joke under any circumstances, ever.

The challenge was to create an NPC free from tainted blood, dark secrets, mental illness, etc, etc. The NPC would not step on CHARNAME's lines, would not be a power-gamer's dream, and would be fun to have in the party. What we came up with was Hubelpot.

Hubelpot is by default a Totemic Druid. The village wise man who can call spirits to aid his people is well established in folkloric tradition, and fits Hubelpot well enough. He also has two kit options; The Village Druid for those who want something a bit different, and the Vegetable Farmer for those who want a powerful kit with high comic relief value. Both of the new kits are NPC only, and both are fairly well balanced compared to other BG2 kits. Note: As of version 1.0, the Vegetable Farmer kit is not enabled, as mentioned above.



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What's New in Version v2.1.0 (See full changelog)

  • Fixed a typo in `HANDLE_CHARSETS` arrays.
  • Added Minsc, Nalia and Sarevok banters written by Bookwyrme, but never included into the mod.
  • sc#hubquest.d: fixed a bug preventing Fanny Adams to initiate dialog and from completing Hubelpot's quest.
  • Added Russian translation (by Austin).

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