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The Longer Road mod allows you to restore your main adversary from the SoA portion of the game back to life, and take him into the party to fight on your side. There are strings attached though... so be careful how you conduct your negotiations with Irenicus, and what exactly do you promise him. Each version of the contract has its negative sides.

The highlights of the LR, itself, besides the banters and interjections are:

- Volo conversation, new forced talks with Cespenar, Nyalee, Machine of L.t.M., and many Saradush dwellers if you send Irenicus to talk to them. Basically, try talking to every npc you can think of, to see if Irenicus has anything to say.
- Extensive New Quest in the WK. It starts in the demon maze layer as soon as you enter. You have to have Irenicus in the party when you first enter the maze to start the quest.
- A few neat custom items... not much, but some.
- Experience Cap reset to 40. No need to remove your old one though.
- Many of the original in-game npcs have gained portraits.
- Books of the Elven Lore. Learn more about elves of Toril - the books have new unique bams and there are 7 of them altogether. All info in the books was taken from reliable FR/Ad&D sources.
- 4 different epilogues for Irenicus. Try to get them all - hopefully they are different enough to be worth the effort.


The mod is compatible with all BGII games: BGII, BGT, BGII:EE, and EET. Hitting the "Download" button will give you the most recent version from the mod from its GitHub repo.

What's New in Version current version (See full changelog)

  • see here for current changelog:
  • https://github.com/InfinityMods/LongerRoadEE/releases

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