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  • Submitted: Sep 17 2007 11:02 AM
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Download Leyawiin house for sale.. Spirited Style!

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Ok I think I am done.. Please be really specific with any mistakes anyone spots.. Pics with arrows pointing to mistake would be great ..

My first mod for Oblivion. I've tried to be really careful but first times of anything are a bit awkward.


Posted Image

from the far corner of bedroom
Posted Image

cooking area
Posted Image

main room area with storage and big bay windows
Posted Image

Posted Image

second bay window, also using storage
Posted Image

front outside door
Posted Image

front porch with flowers and a lantern to brighten things a bit
Posted Image
flower pots are "anchored" into the porch step to prevent any pathing npc's from knocking them over (did happen when a couple of argonians decided new garden was a nice path =L=)

a bit of a garden to brighten things further
Posted Image

much brighter now
Posted Image

dining table and a couple of chairs
Posted Image

a couple of my favorite poems by Edgar Allen Poe
Posted Image


I did not like the hovel in Leyawiin.
It looked worse than the Imperial city shack in my opinion.

This is my version of the buyable house in Leyawiin.
It is also my first mod for Oblivion.

Thanks to the encouragement of Princess Stomper, and One dear to me.

do with as you will. Only things in game Oblivion were used.
There is only the esp needed. I did not add new stuff to Oblivion.

Spirited Treasure

If you don't like something I did.. Change it! =L=

please let me know any little thing you see as a mistake. I'm a big girl .. I can take it =g=

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