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Download Fading Promises 9

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Ever wondered what it was like to be tied to life - forever? Aidan knows.

Help him regain his honor, and you might even help him remember what it was to be human.

Fading Promises introduces Aidan, a fallen paladin of Amaunator, who has a couple problems. One of them is that he's dead. Another is that he never completed his last quest. You can't help him with the first, but he would be very grateful for your assistance with the second. Who knows? You might even give him the courage to face the judgment he has so long avoided.

Fading Promises is compatible with BGII, BGT, BGII:EE, and EET.


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Read the Readme



What's New in Version 9 (See full changelog)

  • - added compatibility with Imoen4Ever (translations of new lines: Russian - Arkie; English proofreading - hook71; French - Gwendolyne; Spanish - Pol Rupes; Italian - ilot; German, English - jastey);
  • - partly revision of German version (jastey)
  • - added folder libiconv-1.9.2-1-src.zip for licence info;
  • - changed name of Setup-fadingpromises.ini to fadingpromises.ini and corrected download path to GitHub;
  • added journal entry to the woman in Temple District if met before Aidan;
  • if PC is in Underdark, Aidan will wait three days after Underdark exit before confronting in case of betrayal;
  • changed his time of appearance to "NIGHT" instead of "MIDNIGHT" in the hopes that is solves some reports about Aidan not showing up and/or having to wait very long;
  • removed Selma's portrait due to unclear copyright situation;
  • removed annoying sound upon loading or area transfer;
  • all audio references de-capitalized so sound will be played in case-sensitive OS;
  • audio install updated and old .bat files deleted;
  • setup-fadingpromises.ini with metadata added; updated to WeiDU v246

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