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Download Chingari and Ismelda's Demon Race

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Chingari's Demon Race
Molag Bal's Treasury
Version: 2.6
Date: 12/30/2007
Category: Races, Classes and Birthsigns
Author(s): Chingari
Source: http://www.tesnexus....le.php?id=14528

Background Story
The Daedra Prince Molag Bal is believed to have created the first Vampires from the dead bodies of his enemies. But this is not entirely the truth. The history of the rivalries among the Daedra Princes is not well known by the mortals anyway.

No books nor anyone can be found to tell us what happened exactly, but Lord Molag Bal indeed created a new race. Due to their humanly features and their fangs they were mistaken for Vampires. The Demons were raised from the bodies of a defeated army as the troops of Molag Bal were growing thinner. In need of fresh troops, he raised them and instilled in them a burning fire similar to is own. Wounded in the battle, Molag Bal was bleeding when he accomplished the ritual to raise his new army, and some of the bodies raised this day were infused with his blood.

None of the raised who didn't get at least a drop of the blood of the Daedra Prince survived the week. When they didn't perish in the last battle that granted Molag Bal victory, they simply decayed as a normal corpse and committed suicide or were eliminated by the Prince's troops.

For the "blessed" ones, it was a completely different matter. The first demons were not really different from the humanoid bodies they were issued from. After some time they all experienced weird transformations:
- Their skin color became reddish,
- Their teeth grew to fangs, similar but less prominent than their creator's,
- Horns began to protrude from their head. (It is believed that this transformation drew some of them to madness and they were eliminated).
- A tail grew on their back and no matter if they tried to cut it off, it would grow back.
- Wings grew on their back too, though some of them never managed to use them properly to fly.
- Then some of them exhibited high resistance to fire but in this aspect all of the Demons were not equal. Some just became immune to all forms of fire without any side effect, but the body temperature of certain others was higher and thus they were creating auras around them causing the water in the atmosphere to evaporate. Finally the last lot was believe to not be resistant to fire at all but it was discovered later (torture helps to get the best of people) that those had to concentrate their inner fire to be granted the fire immunity. The only problem was that, in doing this, they also created a fire aura around them.

After several millennium of servitude, the Demons became more and more like their "father" in their attitude and set of mind and he began to use them as more than just soldiers. As they finally managed to gain his trust, they were granted missions in other planes and also in Cyrodiil where they captured human slaves for the pleasures of Lord Molag Bal. They also acted as emissaries of the Prince and tempted and corrupted, the pure souls to harvest them.

Now that Mehrunes Dagon has unleashed his plot on Tamriel to open the gates of Oblivion to his realm and get rid of the mortals, Molag Bal is seeing this as a great problem for his pleasure and games. He will not act directly though, and has sent you to foul the plans of his rival. You will be placed in a jail where it was foreseen that someone of great importance will allow you to escape.

Be prepared and do not let Mehrunes Dagon win this game!

Adds a demon race and 5 new eye sets to the game.
I used the default eye mesh for the new eyes but it will not over write beautiful people since I am including the mesh in a new folder so it will still be compatible with it, you just wont be able to add the eye textures from it to the demon race. I did not add any hair other than default to keep compatibility between cosmetic mods so you will have to add those your selves.

In addition to the first version of the Demon Race, we added different options relative to the Demon singularity. You will now have the choice among 6 plugins to use:
1 - DemonRace.esp: The regular version 1.0
2 - DemonRace_Vapor.esp: Permanent Immunity to Fire with a Condensation Cloud aura
3 - DemonRace_Flame.esp: Toggleable Immunity to Fire with Flaming Aura
4 - DemonRace_Flying.esp: Regular version with the flight ability
5 - DemonRace_FlyingAndVapor.esp: Flight and Condensation Cloud Aura
6 - DemonRace_FlyingAndFlame.esp: Flight and Flaming Aura
(4, 5 & 6 require OBSE v0008+)

We added more goodies for cosmetic purposes:
- 72 new eyes
- 108 new hair styles (Babe, ThrottleKitty, Ren and BlueMax)

New Addition in the Main File of the possibility for your Demon to grow Claws and also to have them of 5 different color.
New Addition of a Horn pack with 11 horns set to choose from with 12 different colors.
New Addition of the Vampsuit (created by Chingari) to the Molag Bal's Treasury with 3 colors variants.

Options without OBSE
To give the Demon Race a more unique aspect, we decided to visualize the inner fire burning inside each Demon. Therefore 2 new effects have been added you can choose from. The effect are linked to the Immunity to Fire the Demon obtains as a racial bonus. You can choose to have it permanent or as a toggleable Immunity with a special drawback.
Condensation Cloud
The Condensation Cloud is permanent and is in direct relation of the Demon Immunity to Fire. The body of the Demon emits so much heat that the mist forms around it.
Flaming Aura
The Flaming Aura is obtained when the Demon use his ability to Immune himself from Fire. This aura of fire emits light around the Demon making it more difficult to sneak as a character using light is much more noticeable. (This is relative to the way you handle sneaking in your game. If you use mods that make sneaking more realistic then it will be a drawback as intented, otherwise it is just a cosmetic effect).

Note: Due to the game mechanics, while zoning, you can loose the aura (cloud or flame) and therefore a special power enabling you to get back the aura has been granted to the Demon.

Options with OBSE
Flying Option
The Demon can now use his wings to fly (thanks to the script created by Saltare and proposed by qwertymaster) This will require OBSE v0008 or up. The keys for flying are as follow:
W: Forward
S: Back
A: Strafe Left
D: Strafe Right
Pg Up: Increase Flight Speed
Pd Dn: Decrease Flight Speed
, : Start flying
. : Stop flying
Note: The flying option is automatic if you have OBSE whatever version of the mod you choose.

Demonic Aura
Same option as wiithout OBSE (a cloud of vapor if you choose a permanent Immunity to Fire or a Flaming Aura if you choose the toggleable Immunity to Fire).
The Major difference is that the script renew automatically the aura around you each time you change cell. In addition, you will loose the aura when you are swimming and get it back after on dry land after reaching a new cell.

1. Download the Main File and the optional packs of your choice (Alternate Body Textures & Demon Cosmetic Pack).
2. Extract the files to a temporary location.
3. Examine the folder structure and make corrections where necessary.
3a. Choose your tattoo texture if you want tattoos one your character.
3b. Choose if you prefer to have claws on your character and install the meshes folder inside the Claws folder in so.
3c. Choose the color of your claws if you want some by installing the textures folder in the Claws folder and getting one of the claw texture color in the Texture\Character\Demon folder as well as the asclws_n.dds.
4. Choose the esp who would like to use (if you want the flying option be sure you have OBSE v0008 or better). Use only 1 esp.
4a. Always use the same name for the esp you are using (rename it) so your saved game will not ask you anything about missing esp (I suggests using DemonRace.esp)
5. Copy files to (install folder)\Oblivion\Data\
6. Start Oblivion Launcher, click 'Data Files', place a checkmark beside the .esp file(s) of your choice.

Manual Installation of the Horns
In the Horns folder you will find all the horns options.
In meshes the horn sizes. 1 = Small, 2 = Medium, 3 = Large (the demon race use the small size as default).
-Pick your size (nif and egm) and rename the files to "PHDremoraHorns1.nif" & "PHDremoraHorns1.egm".
-Paste the files in the Oblivion\Data\Meshes\Characters\PHHorns to replace those already there.
In Textures you will find all the colors.
-Just rename the color of your choice to "PHDremoraHorns.dds", and
-Paste it in the Oblivion\Data\Textures\Characters\PHHorns folder to repace the one already there.

(If you are using OBMM, create an omod with the archive and let the script guide you through the installation process).

Switching ESPs
The esps have been made completely compatible with each others in the purpose of allowing switiching to test new abilities painlessly.
To change your powers, test a shader or use the flight ability you may need to switch esp from your former one.
- Rename the new esp as the former one so your saved game will not notice the difference (the omod script does that automatically for you)
- You have been granted a new power: Demonic Powers - Reset. Use it to get rid of the current powers you have (this power will also disapear)
- You will then be granted the new ability: Demonic Powers - Renewal. Use it to get the new powers from your chosen esp. (this power will then disapear and you will get back the ability to reset your powers)

Mod requirements
Exnem female eyecandy body replacer either nude or work safe versions or
TeamFF Fantasy Figures if you want to use the UFF Demon Textures.
Roberts male body replacer.
The Demon Cosmetic Pack for Hairs and Eyes (or some hairs and eyes will not show on the character selection).

Mod recommendations
Its a wig by Alien Slof.
AlienSlofs BraceletsRings and Claws for ExnemRobert.

Tools Used
TES Construction Set
Readme Generator

You can do whatever you want with this mod but all I ask in return is that
you give me and Revenant credit if you distribute any part of this mod.

Known Bugs
Shader Effect: When your Demonic Aura is casted in 1st Person view mode, it will appears a bit on your back when you will switch to 3rd Person view mode. Remove it and cast it again if you do not use the OBSE version. Changing cell will set it back right if you are using the OBSE version.
The boots from the Vampsuit don't work very well with the Toe Claws. Just a visual but without any other impact.

Thanks to Ismelda for creating the new shaders and doing all of the scripting for this and writing out the new readme.<@Ismelda: yes I looked and shame on you for not including yourself in the credits>
Thanks to Alexander Wolf for the wings mesh and textures.
Thanks to Revenant who created the great skin and eye textures.If it wasnt for him this mod would not be here.
Thanks to SickleYield who created the skin for UFF body with the same tattoo created by revenant.
Thanks to Ginnyfizz,Gothicdoll,Green_Day584,deathangel801,Ismelda,and Zhu for beta testing.you guys are great.:)
Thanks to Spike4072 for his demon tail resource.
Thanks to Breeze582000 whom I borrowed the fangs and wing animations from.
Thanks to Ilaria - aka Phaedra for the great horns resource.
Thanks to Ravege for the Slit Eyes resources.
Thanks to ThrottleKitty, Ren, BlueMax & Babe for the hairs resources.
Thanks to Saltare & qwertymaster for the flying script.
Thanks to AlienSlof for the Claws Meshes and Textures
Special thanks to the eyecandy forum community for being a great source of support.
Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion.
Thanks to TESNexus.com for the a one-stop-shop resource for authors and players.
Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on.
Thanks to God for creating us all.

Special Thanks and Creadits for the Molag Bal's Treasury:
Nicoroshi for the Meshes and Textures of the Ransacker and Ravager.
Reeke for his meshes and textures
Growlf & Supernatural for the BodySuit for Exnem.
Ancestral Ghost & Confridín for the Croissant Daedrique Meshe and Textures.
J3X for the Daedric Cut-Cut Claw Thingy.
techdave2006 for the Daedric Crescent Meshe and Textures.
Nick Cureton for Etna's Spear Meshes and Textures
AlienSlof for the Treasury Inspiration and access.
Opti for the meshes and textures of the Spear.

Hint: The Molag Bal's Treasury is located in the Slof Oblivion Goth Shop (if you use the plugin provided) or in the basement of an abandoned house in Cheydinhal, not far from a certain talkative door.

2.6 - Addition of a new pack for the Horns only. You can choose in there which horns you will apply to your character. If you don't use that pack you will get the default horns for your demon.
- Addition of the Vamp Suits to the Molag Bal's Treasury and correction of a bug hindering the Treasurer to talk.
2.5 - You now have the ability to select the size and color of your horns among all options provided by Phaedra.
2.4b - Correction of a slight trouble with one wing texture path. If you never had problem seeing them both, no need to redownload this version.
2.4a - Addition of the Mola Bal's Treasury. A new shop for your Demon. Check the screenshots.
2.4 - Alteration of the wings so that they no more protrude through your body.
Addition of the BAB texture as optional download.
2.3 - New Claws with 5 different color to choose from.
2.2 - Addition of eyes and hairs to choose from for your demon.
2.1c - Addition of the Corwyn Fantasy Figures Textures for the Demon
2.1b - Addition of the Background History of the Demon Race.
2.1 - Powers granted to allow switching between the versions of the esp you use plainless.
2.0 - Option to fly and Demonic Auras.
1.0, 2006/10/28 - Initial release.

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