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Download Molag Bal's Treasury (for Chingari & Ismeda's Demon race)

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Author: Ismelda
Inspiration: Chingari for his Demon Race

This mod adds a shop which is located in the Oblivion Plan of Molag Bal but which you can access from Tamriel thanks to the recent death of the Emperor Uriel Septim. This shop is intended to be mainly for the Chingari Demon Race as it is for them that Molag Bal opened his treasury.
I recovered some fairly unused cloths/armor/weapons or some new ones all in the spirit of the Chingari Demon Race to put them in the shop. The credit of course go to their creator.

Relaxing and Seducing Clothes based on the BodySuit for Exnem v1.1 adapted to the Chingari Demon Female

Molag Bal's Crescent based, on the Daedric Crescent Blade
Molag Bal's Double Crescent, based on the Croissant Daedrique
Molag Bal's Gutter, based on the Daedric Cut-Cut Claw Thingy
Molag Bal's Red Spear, based on the Etna's Spear ver 1.0
Molag Bal's Spear, based on the Spear of Mercy
Molag Bal's Ransacker & Ravager by Nicoroshi
Blade of Vengeance, Blade Of Virtue and Serpent Blade by Reeke

You can find an entrance to the Molag Bal's Treasury in the Goth Shop (if you are using these mods along with the merged plugin provided here which replace both of the plugins from these mods), or inside the basement of an abandoned house in Cheydinhal with a certain talkative door.

Install the MolagBalTreasury.bsa in the Oblivion\Data Folder and install the MolagBalTreasury.esp
if you are using Slof's Oblivion Goth Shop I & II (need them to be installed)
Install the MolagBalTreasury.esp and the Slof's Goth Shop.esp from the Goth Shop folder.

Slof Goth Shop specificities
Slof's Goth Shop.esp is a merged file of the 2 Goth Shop files from AlienSlof.
If you are using Better Cities another merged files is provided you should use instead.

Oblivion patched to 1.2.0416 as well as Shivering Isles patched.
Exnem EyeCandy (for the clothes)


None as far I can tell.
The Vampsuit boots are not working well with the Toe Claws but it is just a visual effect without any issue.

Nicoroshi for the Meshes and Textures of the Ransacker and Ravager.
Reeke for his meshes and textures
Growlf & Supernatural for the BodySuit for Exnem.
Ancestral Ghost & Confridín for the Croissant Daedrique Meshe and Textures.
J3X for the Daedric Cut-Cut Claw Thingy.
techdave2006 for the Daedric Crescent Meshe and Textures.
Nick Cureton for Etna's Spear Meshes and Textures
AlienSlof for the Treasury Inspiration and access.
Opti for the meshes and textures of the Spear.
Exnem for the EyeCandy Body
Chingari for the Vampsuit
Revenant with all the other credited for the Demon Race
Bethesda for Oblivion.

v1.1: Addition of the Vampsuit
Correction of a bug hindering the Treasurer to talk to you
v1.0: Initial Release

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