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Download Nicos Scimitars

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ReadThis for Nicos Scimitars v.1.61



Contact information:

On ESF by PM

Reason for this mod:

I had always really liked Hopesfire , and the Ebony 'Her Hand' Scimitars from Morrowind (Tribunal), and really wanted to be able to use a sword of that shape in Oblivion.

So, I made it :)

What this mod contains:

This mod contains two dual wield sets of scimitars at different locations, and set to different levels of difficultly to obtain.

Both sets have an auto-equip script for the off-hand blade as well as a script to change the model when sheathed to one that shows two blades on your side.

The Ebony Scimitar set (No Flames) is located at the Ayleid ruins of Varondo in the second level down, and is recommended that you be at least level 8 to obtain.

The attack blade carries an enchantment to absorb your opponents Blade skill on strike, and the off-hand contains an enchantment to fortify your block skill 10 points.

The Blueflame set is located in the Ayleid ruins of Trumbe, and is being wielded by a 50th level Dremora spellsword called 'The Keeper of the Flame'.

The Blueflame set also has as the name implies) Blue flames on both blades when out but not when sheathed (thanks to the script)

It is recommended that you be at least level 20 to try and obtain them, and even then prepare for a good fight.

The attack weapon carries an enchantment that does 20 points of fire damage on strike as well as causes weakness to fire 15 points for 5 seconds.

The parry weapon will give you 20 points of fire shield.

Powerful weapons indeed, and suited for higher level characters.

As of version 1.3 two .esps are included. One for side sheathed, and one for back sheathed weapons when used dual wield.

As of version 1.4 the off-hand Blueflame will also emit light when drawn, and the annoying messages on the screen when the scripts run have been removed.


This mod requires Oblivion


1.Unpack the 7z file using 7zip to a known location like My Documents (NOT YOUR OBLIVION FOLDER PLEASE AS IT WILL NOT WORK THAT WAY).

2.Open the unpacked folder, and locate the folder labelled 'Data'

3.Edit/ Copy to folder that data folder into your Oblivion folder (Normally located at C:Program files/Bethesda Softworks/ Oblivion)

4.When prompted by Windows to overwrite files with the same name answer "Yes to All"

Again let it be said that my files are uniquely named, and will not overwrite anything but by answering thusly you will add my files to your existing data folder with the correct file paths.

5.Start up Oblivion, and in the Data directory place a check mark next to "Nicos Scimitars Side.esp" for the side sheathed version or "Nicos Scimitars Back" for the back sheathed blades.

Note: Both versions contain two sets of dual wield blades. The only difference is where they sheath. DO NOT USE BOTH .ESPS AT THE SAME TIME AS IT WILL CONFLICT.

This is so it will load with Oblivion.

6.Play, and enjoy :)


Remove the check mark in the data directory at Oblivion start up.

It is un-needed to remove the files but if you'd like to they all have the prefix "Nicos" so a simple Windows search of your Oblivion fiolder for that will turn all of them up.

Known issues:

The dual model will appear in the hand in the inventory screen if dual blades are equipped but sheathed.

It is possible to sell the swords when the sheathed model is equipped. DO NOT DO THIS!!! when you try to equip the sword you no longer have in your inventory it will stick your player in a state of equipping making him/her unable to equip, un-equip, attack, etc.

The scripts do not work correctly if a torch is equipped. The dual Blueflame set will emit light when drawn though so torches are kind of obsolete when using that set.

You may have to manually equip the parry weapon when first equiping the attack weapon for the script to start working correctly. Once both are equipped the scripts will work as intended.


The models of the blades named "Blueflames Sheathed,Ebony Sheathed, and Blueflame Sheathed" that you will see in your inventory SHOULD NOT BE ADDED OR REMOVED MANUALLY FROM YOUR INVENTORY FOR ANY REASON! Trying to re-add them to your inventory manually could cause crashes!

As of version 1.2 they have no weight or value and the scripts will automatically add, and remove them as needed.

Only use one of the .esps at a time as the models are in the exact same locations in both .esps so will conflict if both are loaded.

Dual sheathed model on the back will clip through a quiver, and clips slightly through the players right shoulder in sneak mode.


Enclosed in the mod files is a folder labelled "Hints".

This contains pictures of the locations where the items are located.

Use these (or not) as you see fit.


To Bethesda for creating the original Ebony scimitar, and Hopesfire for Morrowind that I based the shape of these off of.

To my friend Hobbs for looking at my scripts, and offering suggestions.

To my friend Adonnay who's script the auto-equip script I wrote is based off.

To everyone who answered in my WIP thread at ESF. Your feedback helps me to make a better mod.

To LHammonds for reminding me I forgot to add author, and version information to the .esp

To my friend Ogramirad for coming up with the idea of crossed back sheathed weapons, and play testing the beta version of it for me.

To Visman for his helping me how to understand scripting a bit better

And HUGE Thank you to katalysis for re-writing my scripts implementing everything I had plus adding more features as well as curing the crashing issues my scripts had.
Thanks to Krisis1451 for the bug report on missing duration for the weakness to fire on the Blueflame version.


It is alright to use the models,textures,icons, and scripts contained within as a modder's resource for Oblivion so long as credit is given for my original work.

Version history:

1.0 initial release
1.1 Added missing Fire textures (oops)
1.2 Added scripting for model change for the attack weapon if used stand alone - Changed weight, and value of dummy models used by the scripts to '0' - Added author and version information to the .esp
1.3 Added a second .esp for those that wanted the weapons to appear on the back when sheathed.
1.4 Removed text that appears on the screen when scripts run - Added constant light effect to off-hand Blueflame - Removed dual model from The Keeper of the Flame's inventory
1.41 Checked all .nifs, and added extra ebony scimitar remove line to scripts.
1.5 Added lines into the scripts to stop the scripts from running if the item is not in your inventory (to reduce script overhead)
1.6 Changed scripts out to ones re-written by katalysis from scratch
1.61 Repaired missing duration for weakness to fire on the Blueflame version.

Author's note:

I hope this mod brings enjoyment to those who miss their favorite weapons from Morrowind GoTY.

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