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Download PCSoundPreview - 30 sets

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Name: Oblivion Sound Sets
Version: 2.6
Date: 03/08/2008
Category: Gameplay Effects and Changes
Requirements: Oblivion Patch, OBSE v.10(only the 'compatible with Personality Idles version')
Author: brucevayne
Source: http://www.tesnexus....le.php?id=12588
Forum thread: http://forums.spellh...showtopic=28920

Bored with your mute character? Want your evil character to sound like evil? Want your palladin to sound like one? Now you can.

This mod gives your character ability to speak. From now on you will hear your character commenting about 30 various events through the game. This includes diverse battle-cries during combat, differential comments while wandering Tamriel, while venturing in the ruins/dungeons, while wandering during the day/night, and many, many more(~35-60 comments per set...you will have to discover them by yourself :) )

My goal was to create sound sets for Oblivion...remember Baldurs Gate, or Neverwinter Nights, where you could chose a sound set for your character, depending on the alignment and class you planned to play? Now you can do so in Oblivion.

Here I present you a preview of all 30 available sets.

You can hear a few sounds of every character. This preview includes following sounds: battlecry(usually 4-12 per set), sneaking, encumbered, bored and for completing a quest(usually 2-6 comments per set).

Here is a short description of currently available soundsets:

Calisto: an evil female , perfect for assasin/thief char. Sexy and ruthless.

Imoen: most of you know this char, so you know what to expact, for those that dont - she is a female thief(will work well as a mage, too), with neutral/good alignment.

Mazzy Fentan: a female character with good alignment, aimed for warrior PC's, excellent for palladin types. Her faith in justice is her armour.

Garrett: I think there is no need to introduce this one. He is a male character, a master thief . Recommended for thieves only.

Sarevok: an evil male character from BG series, perfect for a Dark Knight. Grab your dreadric longsword and feel his rage!

Keldorn Firecam: a male character with good alignment, designed for a warrior, especially palladin. A zealot waging his own war with evil, while preserving the justice.

Cernd: a neutral/good male for ranger or druid character. "Balance be served", as he would say.

Jaheira: some of you still remember this character...for those that don't: she is a druid/ranger. Her bonds with nature are very strong, which you will hear more than once.

Edwin: a male character designed for evil PC's, especially mages. He's ill-manered and selfish, but playing this character can bring a lot of fun, and hearing his "Why do I suffer these fools" may sometimes sound suspiciously ... real?

Jon Irenicus: an evil male character, perfect for a mage or a warlock. Powerful and formidable. Be him, and make Tamriel tremble before you!

Rhett: A cocky gent with a wry grin on his face, ready to look Death right in the eye and cheat him at cards while doing so. Use him for your rogue... swashbuckling fighter... heck, even a flamboyant mage wouldn't be too far out of the question.

Nalia: a female character with good alignment. Recommended for mages, although any class should fit, as long as it's not a thief nor an assasin.

Brekke: an evil female character, designed for skilled in destruction mages, thou she may be used for any female character with bad attitude.

Algernon: an eldery male mage. Despite of his age he still journeys seeking adventure. Sometimes he reminds me of Gandalf...

Safana: a very sensual woman, endowed with alluring, silky voice. Originally Safana was a thief, but this sound set may be used for any female character with neutral/evil personallity. Note that many of her lines are addressed to you...

Minsc: a hero in the full sense of the word ;) . Best for warrior types with good alignment. Originally Minsc was taking care of his hamster, Boo. Since space hamsters are not Tamriel specific, I prepared two versions of this set: one where you can hear Boo from time to time and one without Boo. Read the install instructions in this readme before use.

Indarion: a neutral male character, designed for mages. As most wizards, he's very self confident, convinced of his superiority. Written & Voiced: Guido Voets (a.k.a. The Deathsangel).

Sillth: An evil male assasin. His existence is an endless hunt. Written & Voiced: Guido Voets (a.k.a. The Deathsangel).

Anomen: a male character with good attitude, best to be used as a warrior. Anomen is an eager and zealous palladin, who will stop at nothing, until there is no evil to be fought.

Valygar: a male ranger/hunter/monk character with a good attitude. The chaos of the city made him leave civilization and settle in the wild. As a ex-military man he know how to fight, but he will always think twice before making any harsh decisions.

Annah: a female thief character from Planescape:Tornment.

Syndrana: an evil female character, best for dark knights or barbarians. Brutal and ruthless; where she goes, death goes with her. Written & voiced: Wynne Lurty

Innocent: just an innocent girl. No good or bad alignment here, you can play with her as a good or bad character. Written & voiced: Wynne Lurty

Haer'Dalis: a famous bard, actor and filosopher who travelled many planes before arriving to Cyrodill. A male with neutral character.

Viconia: a female character with an evil attitude. Originally Viconia was a Drow, some of she says are in drowish language. This character should fit to any class.

Jeremiah: "The Hammerite Missionary; he comes from a far-off continent unbeknown to the Empire in a wealthy city named Auldale and he has traveled far so that the heretics and savages of Cyrodiil can receive the word of his God, the Master Builder." - Steve Boyes (Ibsen's Ghost)

Ja-Kha?iit-myr: he's a "Khajiit Assassin of the Suthay-Raht Clan (Ja-Kha?iit-myr translates as ?Great Moonwalker?)." - Steve Boyes (Ibsen's Ghost); This sound set strongly refers to Elderscrolls lore. If you want to know more about it, see the 'Custom content' section in the readme.

Borrodin Amelius: a knight palladin; through his parentage he possesed the understanding and knowledge of magic that only few mages are proud of; for more info please look for the 'Custom content' section in the readme.

Markynaz Kyndrulhu: a male Dremora character; a former general in the army of Mehrunes Dagon; For more info please look for the 'Character background' section in the readme.

Kensai: a neutral/good male character. This set should fit to any class. Written & Voiced: KrimsynKane.

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