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Previous Versions

  • 22 Feb 2020 Download Shadows Over Soubar v1.15
  • 22 Feb 2020 Download Shadows Over Soubar v1.15
  • 02 Dec 2008 Download Shadows Over Soubar, v1.13

Download Shadows Over Soubar v1.15

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Author: CBisson
Repackaging, bugfixing: King Diamond

Repackaging, bugfixing: King Diamond

EE & EET compatibility: Weigo & Jastey


Version 1.15

Supported languages: English, Russian, German, Spanish, Italian

In a nutshell, Shadows Over Soubar is another large mod made by CBisson, adding many new quests, characters and areas to the game.
The player travels to the town of Soubar, where the Bhaalspawn's powers are sorely needed.


This game mod (modification or module) is created for the BG2:SoA side of a BG2:ToB game (yes, BG2:ToB is required), as many people wouldn't want to go through a whole new game to reach ToB areas just to play this mod. With that in mind, most people who have played BG2 know that one of the plot quests is to save the village/town of Trademeet from evil druids, Calim rakshasa, and the noble bickerings. "*Shadows Over Soubar*" picks up just after that. However, action in the mod does occur if you do not complete the entire sequence of quests in Trademeet, beginning directly after Imoen is kidnapped by the Cowls and Irenicus.

We know that war is brewing in Tethyr, and that the Sword Coast has experienced troubles since our hero left Candlekeep as a young adventurer. Power groups- the Iron Throne in particular- have been destroyed, and others are quick to grab for their own power. Including such enemies as Yaga-Sura, Melissan, and Irenicus. But there are other less twisted enemies that prey not on heroes, but on the simple folk. Folk who's only crime is that they live in a town where a great leader who met an orcan horde on the field of battle once lived. Farmers, herders, tradesmen, and merchants all are affected by those who claim power over their lives. Now that sounds like a call for help! Which our great hero will answer. To the rescue we go!

So our story begins in Trademeet, where our hero learns that some mysterious men from the north are looking for them. What those men want, we are not sure. But after a time of searching Amn, our great hero finds a sneaky thief who '*employs*' us to do some '*work*'. After completing the jobs, the sneaky thief will finally tell our hero what needs to be done to move on. And our hero does indeed move on, finding some letters which leads them to the mysterious men. These mysterious men will explain the entire situation, and the hero can accept (continue the mod) or decline to help.


Read the Readme

GitHub alternate download center


Includes v1.14:


- EE & EET compatibility, by Weigo & Jastey.
- So many fixes to be described. :shifty:
- Updated WeiDU installer to v246.


What's New in Version v1.15 (See full changelog)

  • Added sos.ini metadata file to support AL|EN's "Project Infinity".
  • Added OS control to avoid installing "Remorhaz walking speed adjustment" component on Mac OS.
  • Added DESIGNATED numbers and "shadows_over_soubar", "sos_selence_at_waukeens_promenade_after_meeting_Gaelan" and "sos_remorhaz_walking_speed_adjustment" component LABELS.
  • Various bugfixes, as listed in the GitHub commits.
  • Added README command in tp2.
  • Wrote a new sos-readme-english.html readme file and moved all readme files into new readme folder.
  • Included Linux and Mac Os X versions in the same package (thanks AL|EN!).
  • Uploaded mod to official SpellHold Studios GitHub mirror account.

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