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  • Submitted: May 30 2008 08:55 PM
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Download Nicos Tabaxi Bow

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Readthis for Nicos Tabaxi Bows v1.0

Reason for this mod:

It was requested of me to create a unique bow for the Tabaxi race by Luchaire (the Tabaxi race mod creator).

Normally I would not have accepted as I have stopped doing requests but I was currently playing a Tabaxi, and was in the process of making a new bow for her (Lucky guy that Luchaire, and with really good timing too).

Taking these conditions into account I agreed to release what I was making for my character for use with the Tabaxi race mod. :)

What this mod does:

This mod adds three Tabaxi bows to Squandered mine at the end of the final level under the lightsource by the final chest.

All three bows share the same mesh but each has a different texture, and the Blackwood version has slightly better stats (very slight).

None of the bows is enchanted but all can carry an enchantment if you wish.

Installation Instructions:

Download the mod to a known location (like My Documents).

Unpack the archive with 7Zip.

Open the folder, and find the folder labelled "Data".

Copy this "Data" folder to your Oblivion folder (normally located at C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion).

When prompted by Windows to overwrite files with the same name answer "Yes To All".

Start up Oblivion, and in your Data Directory place a checkmark next to the .esp for the Tabaxi Bows.


Un-Installation Instructions:

Remove the checkmark next to the .esp in your Data Directory at Oblivion start.

It is not required to remove the files but if you'd like they are located in folders with "Tabaxi Bow" in the name.

A Windows Search for that should pull up the files.

Known Issues:

None that I am aware of


In the files is a folder marked "Hints" that has pictures of the bows location within the mine as well as the location of the mine in the world space.

Use these (or not) as you see fit.


Big thank you to Luchaire for letting me use the Tabaxi Name for this bow, and for providing feedback during it's creation.


This mod may be re-uploaded in it's original form only should I become unreachable.

The model, textures, and icons are NOT to be used for any reason outside of this mod without express written consent from both Luchaire, and myself.

Version History:

1.0 initial release

Author's note:

It was decided that this model would stay exclusive to the Tabaxi race, and name so will NOT be released as a modder's resource.

It is however being released separate from the Tabaxi race as well so those that wish to use it can do so without being Tabaxi.

I am reachable at ESF under the name "nicoroshi" should you have any questions or concerns relating to this mod.

I hope you enjoy this mod.

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