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  • 05 Aug 2012 Download PS:T Ultimate WeiDU Fixpack v4.13
  • 08 Aug 2011 Download PS:T Ultimate WeiDU Fixpack v4.12
  • 19 May 2010 Download PS:T Ultimate WeiDU Fixpack v4.11
  • 12 Apr 2010 Download PS:T Ultimate WeiDU Fixpack v4.1
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Download PS:T Ultimate WeiDU Fixpack v4.13

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VERSION 4.13: Includes some new engine fixes, the highlights being fix to "Ice Knife" spell and getting rid of the annoying crash on exit for Vista and Win7. Also, the addition of French translation.
VERSION 4.12: This is a minor release to fix a bug with an existing morale engine patch related to NPC's and party resting. This includes some general clean up of affected function that prevents a crash when playing game under Wine. Also added updated Russian translation.
VERSION 4.11: This release fixes an error in the English Dialogue Fixes component, in that the line breaks were corrupted and did not appear in game. Sorry for the error.
VERSION 4.1: A good number of newly reported bugs fixed. Also updated Italian translation and new Russian translation.
VERSION 4.0: Massive update. A dozen new engine fixes and over 100 more bugs fixed.
VERSION 3.02: Minor fix to make sure Morte has the right dialogue file when rejoining after a forced separation.
VERSION 3.01: Very minor update. Just repackaged mod so it extracts properly to root game directory, fixed Dustman bestiary entries, moved Tenement respawn point.
VERSION 3.00: Includes tons of new engine fixes by scient, a ton of new non-engine fixes... this is a massive update, worth another run through the game. Trust me. And definitely use Unfinished Business 3.00 too.
VERSION 2.00: Includes spanish, english and german translations. Readmes also available in spanish and italian. Fixes to approximately 36 more bugs.
VERSION 2.01: Fixes a non-game breaking issue with Ravel's dialogue ending a bit prematurely. See Fixpack forum thread on this issue for an easier way to resolve the problem if you have already downloaded Fixpack 2.00.

The Ultimate WeiDU Fixpack for Planescape: Torment is finally here! Written by Paul Escalona (aka Qwinn), this Fixpack fixes, in a clean and compatibility-friendly WeiDU format, all of the bugs fixed by the three major non-WeiDU Fixpacks available for PS:T to date, namely: Platter's Fixpack, Restoration Pack and SKARDAVNELNATE's All Inclusive Fixpack.

In addition to fixing all of the bugs addressed by those mods, this Fixpack provides fixes to well over 200 additional documented bugs - some rather major - not fixed elsewhere before, plus roughly 4,000 corrections to spelling, grammar and punctuation errors within the dialogue file.

This Fixpack was developed in tandem with the PS:T Unfinished Business and Qwinn's PS:T Tweak Pack mods, also available here at Spellhold Studios. For the best gaming experience, installing all 3 is recommended.

As of version 3.0, great credit goes to Brendan Casey, aka scient, for his tremendous engine fixes. This fixpack is immensely enhanced by his tremendous skills and devotion.

I hope you enjoy your best Planescape: Torment experience yet! Please let me know at the forums if you have any problems, or just if you enjoyed it.

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