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Download Bast for Exnem, BAB, and UFF

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I started this out to prove a point and maybe I still am proving my point.. And here is my point..

All women are beautiful in their own ways.. No matter their size, shape, colour or race..
all women have a diva just waiting to escape.. To catch the admiring glance of one who notices.
Not in a trashy way but in a truly admiring way.. A wolf whistle way as she walks by.. And just grins cause she just knows she looks good.

I'm nearly 6' tall in reality.. I've always played really petite chars.. Any woman you will ever meet will always be able to list something she feels is wrong
with her figure or face.. Even if she has been told by others numerous times how perfect she is..

Live changes when you are sitting down all the time... You become invisible.. folks arent comfortable with the chair.. That is why I am so open about it..
See me... See every diva you have ever met.. Whether she knows she looks good or not..

I refuse to choose.. I will be as I am..

So now I give you Bast

Bast for Exnem, Bast for BAB, Bast for UFF..

Bast baby...




Unzip the following files into your Oblivion/Data directory:

If you have Oblivion Mod Manager installed, OMOD conversion data is included and so you only need create a new OMOD by adding this archive.
The conversion data will automatically fill in all the information needed, simply click "Yes" when prompted concerning this conversion data.


Remove these files from your Oblivion/Data directory:

Unless you've loaded the mod as an OMOD, then deactivate it within OBMM.


Permissions: remember those who's beautiful resources I used..
May upload this as you wish.. May not change it for releasing without proper permissions.

Credits as follows
Sinblood : Pauldrons and boots for BAB, textures on boots for all

AlienSlof: Black brocade fabric, bast fabric, all the bling and shiny chains textures, and the bracelet textures (Bracelets by LOTH)
Textures for the black belts, buckles, and chains on the arms are all AlienSlof's

Kikaimegami: From Slof's mods, the collar and collar accessories, waist chains, body chains, arm chains and buckled straps meshes.
Editing clothing meshes to better fit together and breaking up the Dark Seducer armor into Cuirass and Skirt as individual items.

Petrovich : UFF boots and Skirt
acidrain226: UFF dark seducer armor
Nivea : Help with UFF armor , skirt and boots and packaging them up to send to me

Ghrys : Exnem Dark Seducer armor, Chingari and Ghrys Skirt 06 lower class
Hide : Exnem boots

Xiamara: Textures on collar spikes and amulet hanging from collar

Bast skirt : Arynn

BAB items :
ceedee, biu,
the Bab Team

This mod lovingly created with:

TESCS v1.2.404
NifSkope v1.02
Blender 2.45
Blender NifScripts 2.2.11 / PyFFI 0.5.2
OBMM v1.2


When you land in the Imperial palace area of IC then turn left and go past that first group of graves .. once you past the next pavement you will see a fresh coffin. Shadow Soul has been here =g=

One of each outfit is in the coffin.. One short one long and one boots for each body mod ...
It's owned by the player and it's also respawning for in case you want to outfit your companions

I think this outfit is classy.. I like it and my ladies will definitely be wearing it..
It's armor simply because Bethesda chose to leave Unarmored out of this game ...

It's armor 18 and health 1000 simply because I hate stuff that breaks in one hit.

I would highly recomend AlienSlof's clothing for men for the fellas because the Gentleman's outfit will match perfectly!

If I forgot some credit please speak right up! It was not intentional.. =s=

Spirited Treasure


Addendum from Kikaimegami:

Cuirass and skirt items all retain the AR 18 and weight of 10, but Cuirass alone or Skirt alone of any type weigh 5 and have an AR of 9
The Bast skirt with belts weighs 1 and has an AR of 3 due to it's being an accessory.

Credits have been updated to include what I've edited.
Original credits left for UFF and Exnem Dark Seducer armor, though that which is there now is actually variants of the edited BAB mesh.

The coffin now contains for each body type (BAB, Exnem, TFF):
Full outfit with long skirt and boots
Cuirass with short skirt
Cuirass with Bast skirt
Cuirass only
Short skirt
Long skirt

And the Bast Skirt accessory in Amulet, Tail, and Right Ring variants for all bodies (taken from the TFF variant as it fits everything).



v1.0 - Initial Release

v1.1 - All outfits cut into individual parts and reshaped to better fit body meshes. Textures consoldated into one directory. Packaged into BSA file and OMOD conversion data included.

v1.11 - Fixed Exnem and FF meshes to name the skin parts correctly. Fixed Exnem long and short skirt items to use the correct meshes.

All meshes and textures now consolidated into single directories and contained within a BSA as to not conflict with other mods.

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