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Last updated: 9 Feb 12

This modification is the offspring of existing patches in pre-ZETA versions of Baldur?s Gate Trilogy-WeiDU 0.99. It was decided that tweaks should be separated from fixes in order to keep BGT-WeiDU more faithful to the original Baldur?s Gate and Tales of the Sword Coast. Therefore, this package was borne to address the issues in the original Baldur?s Gate and Tales of the Sword Coast that were thought to be lacking.

The components of this modification are:
-Eldoth reminds of Skie?s ransom
-DEPRECATED ? Angelo notices Shar-teel
-DEPRECATED ? Finishable Kagain caravan quest
-Add Semaj's Cloak and Upgraded Koveras' Ring of Protection
-Major locations explored upon visit
-Druid/Ranger-responsive bears in BG1
-Happy patch
-Import more items into Shadows of Amn
-Random activated traps in the pirate cave
-Bags of the Sword Coast
-Altered spawns
-Arkion reacts to player?s reputation
-Coran responds to the death of a wyvern
-More bandit scalps
-Altered item shattering
-Hooded unarmoured mages
-Salk?s Pen-and-Paper ruleset corrections
-Import more NPCs into Shadow of Amn
-Restore BG2 XP bonus for traps, locks, and scrolls
-Protagonist?s biography modifications
-Exotic weapons for Taerom
-Item BG1-ification
-Disable hostile reaction after charm
-Enemy items shatter
-Access Ulgoth's Beard west of Wyrm's Crossing only
-Prevent access to Durlag's Tower from adjacent areas
-Put Sword of Chaos +2 in Sarevok's inventory
-Reputation Resets at Beginning of BG2 (from BG2 Tweaks)

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