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Download Auror Kit for the Ranger Class 4.4.1

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Auror Auror Kit Ranger Kit Ranger Archer Archer Kit Custom Kit Kit

AUROR: A unique type of ranger; skilled with the bow and possessing an exceptional ability to control the elements of ice and the forces of winter. Though normally mistaken to be an Aurillian priest, she does not share the destructive whims of the goddess nor her followers but on the contrary, follows a strict, solitary edict of an unnamed silver dragon, known to be as her hegemon.
Trained to be agile, she is extremely quick and precise in every move but it proves to be a necessity rather than an advantage as the path of becoming an Auror renders her physically weak. This does not prevents her however, to aid those in need. She is an enigmatic protector of the good and a vicious, cold foe of evil.
-  +2 bonus to dexterity on character creation.
-  Immune to charm and confusion.
-  Grandmaster: bow-type weapons. The Auror may put 5 points in long bow and short bow.
-  +1 thac0 bonus with missile weapons every 4 levels.
-  +1 to damage with missile weapons every 6 levels.
-  +1 bonus to AC and save vs. breath weapons every 3 levels; caps at the 29th level.
-  +1 bonus to AC vs. missiles every 6 levels; caps at the 30th level.
-  +1 to save vs. spells every 2 levels till the 8th, then every 3 levels till the 17th, and finally every 4 levels till the 30th level of experience.
-  Starts with 7% cold resistance, gains +12% every 2 levels till the 10th, then on 13th and 16th, +9% on 20th and 24th, and finally +7% on the 29th level of experience.
-  +2% magic resistance every level; caps at the 30th level.
-  Gains additional priest spell slots starting at the 14th level of experience.
-  Sharpshooting: starts with critical hit chance on 1d19, and then gets better for every 6 levels of experience; caps at the 30th level with a chance of 1d14.
-  Foresight: at 4th level, the Auror gain an unnatural sense of her surroundings. This allows her to detect and attack hidden enemies (though they still remain invisible) and is impossible to surprise thus, making her immune to backstab attempts.
-  Frost Touch: at the 6th level, the Auror adds 2d4 cold damage on every attack and freezes the target for 4 rounds unless a successful save vs. spells is made. Missile attacks are charged with psionic force, knocking back targets if fails to save vs. breath.
-  Innate Abilities
   2nd Level: Cryogenesis - Ice Blade
   4th Level: Cryogenesis - Frost Arrow
   6th Level: Far Sense
   8th Level: Frost Blink
   10th Level: Frostbite
-  Beginning the 8th level of experience, the Auror learns new abilities upon reaching certain levels. They are as follows:
   8th Level: Glacial Aura
   10th Level: Frost Wave
   12th Level: Aurora Borealis
   15th Level: Dire Frost
   18th Level: Hoarfrost
   20th Level: Lament of Winter
-  Available only to human, elves or half-elves of neutral or chaotic good alignment.
-  -6 to strength and -8 to constitution on character creation.
-  Hit Die: d4
-  Incurs -1 penalty to save vs. death every 4 levels of experience.
-  Has limited proficiency on selected melee and ranged weapons.
-  Cannot put any point to fighting style proficiency other than Two Weapon Style.
-  Cannot wear any armor.
-  Cannot dual class.
-  No Charm Animal ability.
-  No high level abilities.

What's New in Version 4.4.1 (See full changelog)

  • Compatibility with BGII-EE and BGII-TOB
  • Fixed typo errors and added proper descriptions on kit, items and spells.

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