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Previous Versions

  • 06 Jun 2018 Download Northern Tales of the Sword Coast 2.2.2
  • 06 Jun 2018 Download Northern Tales of the Sword Coast 2.2.2
  • 01 Jan 2009 Download Northern Tales of the Sword Coast v170a

Download Northern Tales of the Sword Coast 2.3.0

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More spells (two), items, new areas, and several major quests are all part of this mod. One large quest is given to you by Duke Eltan (before you go to Candlekeep). One of the longest quests also starts before Candlekeep: Talk to the lady outside the Sorceror's Sundries. One quest can be started by talking to Yness in Ulgoth's Beard. The rest can be done during the TotSC quests in Ulgoth's Beard. Quests take you through new areas of the Firewine Bridge, the Field of the Dead, and several new areas around Beregost and Nashkel you didn't know existed!


The install has eight parts: the main component (obligatory for the mod) and five optional components of restored game content, the joinable NPC Will O'Hara, and some fighting encounters:

--Keelor the Dwarf
--Pilar and Gheldehar
--Nim Furlwing
--Llindellyn's Lucky Arrow
--Svlast's Torment
--Will O'Hara NPC
--Fighting Encounters


Will is a Human Bard, S 17, I 14, W 13, D 14, C 14, Ch 15. Note: He will have some interjections in his home town Beregost but apart from that is a silent NPC with no dialogues or banter with the PC or party.

What's New in Version 2.3.0 (See full changelog)

  • Changes by MadeInHeaven:
  • -Slightly modified the directory structure, and lower-cased all files to be Linux-friendly. Most notable here is that NTotSC.tp2 is now setup-ntotsc.tp2.
  • -Removed all unused items as identified by Dachrisma:
  • --ntbrac01.itm
  • --ntchan03.itm
  • --ntchan04.itm
  • --ntchan05.itm
  • --ntdagg01.itm
  • --ntleat01.itm
  • --ntleat04.itm
  • --ntlute01.itm
  • --NTMISC01.itm
  • --NTMISC02.itm
  • --NTMISC03.itm
  • --NTMISC04.itm
  • --ntrobe01.itm
  • --ntshld01.itm
  • --ntshld03.itm
  • --ntstaff2.itm
  • --ntstaff3.itm
  • --ntswd01.itm
  • --ntswd02.itm
  • --ntswd04.itm
  • --ntswd06.itm
  • --ntswd07.itm
  • --ntswd08.itm
  • --SPINNT01.spl
  • --SPINNT02.spl
  • --SPINNT03.spl
  • --SPINNT04.spl
  • -Monk usability flags are corrected on a number of items, most notably ntchan06.itm.
  • -Added the missing .bam file for dsgbbow.itm, dsgbbow.bam. (Copied from the DSotSC mod.)
  • -Fixed a CtD issue in ar20pb.are on BGEE, one spawn point had two empty entries out of four, giving a 50% chance of game crash on every spawn.
  • -more minor fixes
  • Changes by jastey:
  • -resting with the sirenes should be like a real rest (renamed the cutscene as it didn't use the prefix "NT")
  • -(German version) integrated Dachrisma's setup.tra corrections
  • -Area "Northern Wood" will also be revealed if quest for Fey'Doch's bow was given by Tanar'Ri
  • -"Keelor the Dwarf" now includes his sister Nasha, too (in Temple of Umberlee)
  • -new component: "Fighting Encounters" some of the mere fighting encounters were moved into this new component
  • -Ordolath won't drop his whole inventory any more
  • -Krotan is now Ogre-Mage (changed animation)
  • -AR82PB.are, Container0 ("Bookshelf"): fall detection changed to 90, trap removal to 101
  • -tuned down the non-detectable traps:
  • -Krotan's crypt (AR34PB.are): removed trap at the entrance and changed one of the other ones to "miscast Magic" trap.
  • -Haeball (AR9001, AR9002): traps on containers changed to 90/90. Trap in cellar is removable for 101
  • -Temple of the Black Hand (AR61PB): removed arrows of detonation from cultist archers. Moved trap with fireball away from entrance point
  • -update to WeiDU v246

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