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May whatever Gods present help us all!

I have included all of my small SHS releases (save BioWare items and C/R kit restrictions, because the former is very silly and the latter is deprecated.).

This currently includes (but is not limited to):

#!Stoneskin (Elemental Damage Only)
#!Brage (Brage's Penance)

More mods can and will be added here, as well as all bugfixes.

Just to go into the individual content a little:

#!Lightening - Essentially a joke. It is a Wand of Lightening, Lightening being a common error on "Wand of Lightning". The wand behaves like a Bag of Holding. Basically, a great big :P to everyone who makes that mistake. ;)

#!Stoneskin (Elemental Damage Only) applies permanent stoneskins to every character in the game, making the gameplay quite weird and definitely interesting. (Someone might actually buy that Flame Tongue in the Copper Coronet, now!) It renders most weapons and a large amount of spells useless.

#!Brage is a BG1-only mod, with aspirations of being (one day) Tutu and BGT friendly. It adds Brage as a joinable NPC, who is fairly (Ok, completely) silent but has a small sequence of quests. It was made on BG1's 10th Birthday for BG1's 10th Birthday, with about 42 minutes left. :)


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