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This is a collection of items and spells, made back in the heydey of TeamBG and its weekly competitions. Three of the items or spells featured here won those competitions. Most micro-mods in this pack are serious, though one or two are jokes or overpowered.

You will need to take your party to the Shadow Thieves' Guild Entrance (AR0305), the Order of the Radiant Heart (AR0903), and the Council Building (AR1002) to experience this mod.

Featured micro-mods:
Two Katanas

A pair of powerful katanas, Sinistra and Dextra, designed for dual-wielding in mind.

Shed's Lockbox

A trapped box, which can only be unlocked by answering a series of riddles.

Hellrazor *

A joke item made on the theme of the "Hellraiser" movies. It has two functions: it can shave your character (+1 Charisma, chance of cutting self) once a day, and it can summon Cenobites once. The Cenobites are quite hard.

Modern Destruction

A phaser rifle and Fission spell. I take no responsibility for loss of fun, your game, health or pets in the misuse of this spell.

Otiluke's Cloak of Dispel Magic

A level 3 Abjuration spell. After an initial dispel, the dispelling magic sits on the target creature, apparantly without affecting it. Whenever the creature is struck, however, the "cloak" comes into action and the Dispel Magic travels to the attacker of the target through their weapon (or at short ranges, projectile).

Protection From Timestop

Level 9 spell, with obvious effects.

Summon the Infernal Host

Level 9 spell. Summons two very dangerous mariliths.

Screeching Soul Stone

This amulet is for use by evil bards, and changes their bardsong effects, as well as acting as an Amulet of Protection.

Training Sword *

A simple short sword that casts Charm Person on the target, when hit.

Vengeful Shadows *

Vengeful Shadows is Studded Leather Armour +1, with other useful defensive properties. It can only be worn by thieves.

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