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  • Submitted: Apr 24 2007 09:51 PM
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Download One Pixel Productions v2 (PC)

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This mod changes the paperdolls and (some of the) inventory icons of Baldur's Gate II to those of Baldur's Gate. There's a lot of content in Baldur's Gate 2 (especially in the ToB expansion) that simply doesn't live up to the artwork quality that Baldur's Gate offered -- the paperdolls are a good example. This mod aims to replace exactly these parts of the game with content that lives up to the quality we were used to from the original Baldur's Gate. So, technically speaking, this is an attempt to fix "cosmetic flaws" that should have never made it through QA.

The mod contains two components. The main component contains the paperdoll and inventory item updates, except for potions. Includes:

* A port of BG1's paperdoll images
* Completely re-worked left-handed weapon graphics for the paperdolls
* Item graphics matching with the original paperdoll content
* Fixed ToB item graphics (finally in BG1-BG2 style)
* BG1 ports for some BG2 item graphics (reverting where the original looked better)
* Various other item fixes, including a "secret" item that was broken, but present, in the original game
* Replacing one spell effect

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