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I've just played the Lilacor quest in BG2 and once again, I found myself extremely puzzled by the events in AR0418. You wander in and a minotaur promptly gets killed by four myconids. There are also three bodies lying around and no explanation whatsoever as to what has happened. Looks like another unfinished fedex, only I could find nothing beyond the minotaur's name (and even that looks suspect, as if there was a fedex planned involving minotaurs as the cre name is Slandor and the actual name is Andorian). A search with NI finds three dialogs with a reference to Andorian in them but all three dialogs are completely trashed; there is nothing to be read from them.

So to shut up my sense of frustration, I decided to add a small backstory - nothing more really than a conversation with the minotaur who reveals just what he and the three dead bodies are doing in Athkatla's sewers.

Maintenance update to v1.1: German translation by Gerri.
Maintenance update to v1.2: Italian translation by Ilot.
Update to 1.3: Mercurier's enemy-check code added to Andorian's fighting script. Readme added with an incompatibility list.
Maintenance update to v1.4: French translation by Le Marquis.
Maintenance update to 1.5: Russian translation by aerie.ru.
Maintenance update to 1.5.1: 'MODDER' statement removed from the .tp2 file. Move along - nothing to see here.
Maintenance update to v1.6: Spanish translation by Lisandro.

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