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Previous Versions

  • 10 Sep 2009 Download Spellhold Gauntlet v1.15
  • 10 Sep 2009 Download Spellhold Gauntlet v1.15

Download Spellhold Gauntlet v1.16

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NOTE : do not download v1.16 if you already have v1.15. someone is working on translated version of the mod.

An extra apparition shows up in the area where you have a chance to pick up Imoen. It offers a simple alternative to the complicated puzzles and tests and levels that the Spellhold Maze offers - the Spellhold Gauntlet.

The Spellhold Gauntlet is a series of trials meant to test your limits, both your mettle and your resource management. If you survive you probably have considerable focus of both mind and body. In this chamber you shall be in the centre of the room and be continuously set upon by waves of enemies, and you will receive tokens in return for defeating each wave, which can be used for Resting, Items, Scrolls and moving on from the Gauntlet.

This mod aims to fulfill a few aims
- *NEW* : SPELLHOLD-BE-GONE, a seamless route for those who wish it
- provide a simple, accelerated route through Spellhold for players replaying it for the umpteenth time
- provide items that most players feel are too good to miss in Spellhold
- *NEW* : provide scrolls that Spellhold area provides
- providing combative challenges to those who choose the harder waves
- providing XP comparable to the original route, or even more, depending on the difficulty of the waves
- providing an almost limitless stream of potential magic items (non-unique) for those who have the mettle to battle on in the Gauntlet

Updates from v1.15 to v1.16
- TRAified Setup-SPGaunt.TP2

Updates from v1.10 to v1.15
- TRAified
- Bag04 (Bag of Holding) is no longer obtainable so long the party already has a Bag of Holding

Updates from v1.0 to v1.10

- *NEW* SPELLHOLD-BE-GONE : You can now battle 4 demiliches in order to get all the items and scrolls in Spellhold, some extra XP Awards, and 25 tokens to complete the Gauntlet itself.
- *NEW* A separate option has been provided allowing you to exchange tokens for all the Scrolls that can be found in Spellhold, in return for 5 to 15 tokens
- When you first enter the Gauntlet, the Spectre will not summon the first wave so quickly. Instead you will have a chance to talk to the Spectre and make a request before the first wave arrives.
- Installing "Shortened Spellhold Cutscenes and Dream" no longer causes Bodhi to show up instead of Aran and Sime to hand you over to Saemon for the Voyage to Spellhold. (Bug Fix)
- Boots of the North and Cleric's Staff +3 have been added to the unique items and random selection

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