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  • Submitted: Jan 07 2010 05:45 PM
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  • 02 Jun 2010 Download The bigg House: The bigg Quest Pack (Linux)
  • 07 Jan 2010 Download The bigg House: The bigg Quest Pack (Linux)

Download The bigg House: The bigg Quest Pack (Linux)

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This mod is a smallish pack of small quests or single fights, which are too small to be released as stand-alone mods. Components range from serious to silly and 4th wall breaking, and from strict adherence to the rules to blatant cheating. Since the installer is WeiDU, you can choose to install all or select individual components. Less serious (or cheesier) components are explicitly marked as such in the readme and in the installer.

Components include:

Mprolla, the Spammer: If you didn't get the joke already, then this component isn't probably for you. In any event, this component is inspired by a guy who used to spam and troll on all Infinity Engine Modding Communities until some time ago. In the mod, Mprolla is a 25th level jester who you can find (well) hidden inside Waukeen's Promenade. Upon seeing him, after a cutscene involving him losing his brain, he will begin to taunt you, until he fights you openly. This fight is a pure cheese-fest. All his taunts are actual quotations. Also part of this component is the optional "Mprolla, the Cheater": this expands on the component, making the fight harder by adding more cheating.

Large Scale Battle: Amn is besieged by an army of Orcs, and faces defeat due to their overwhelming numbers. The Cowled Wizards and Amnish soldiers need help from experienced adventures to deal a decisive blow to the attacking army. After accepting the quest, you are thrown in an area no larger than the standard ambush ones, but which contains well over one hundred orcs, with more spawning incessantly until you kill their commander. On your side are a few Amnish Soldiers and Cowled Wizards. Who will win?

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