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  • 07 Feb 2010 Download PnP Free Action v2

Download PnP Free Action v2

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PnP Free Action

This component ensures Free Action does not cancel or prevent movement bonuses - it only negates penalties such as Hold, Web, Entangle, Grease, stunning, etc. Among other things, this means you can now equip Boots of Speed and the Ring of Free Action to gain the benefits of both, as per PnP descriptions. It also fixes various bugs and inconsistencies related to Free Action, Haste and Slow in both unmodded and modded resources (creatures, items and spells).

Changes in v2 (7 Feb 2010):
- Spell-patching macros will now correctly set the target (typically to whomever the spell is cast upon) regardless of whether mods like Spell Revisions set it incorrectly (fixing a bug in Remove Paralysis when both are installed)
- Description-updating component is now optional
- Patched a few items more recent mods have added
- Added German, Italian, Spanish and Russian translations

Changes in v1 Beta (31 July 2008):
- Creatures cannot be hindered by Free Action spells or items; they can only be helped by them.
- Items and spells with movement bonuses will not be hindered by Free Action spells or items.
- Items and spells that grant movement bonuses display the Haste icon (or Improved Haste if relevant).
- Items and spells with Free Action effects do not hinder movement bonuses and protect against all effects limiting movement.
- Items and spells that apply movement penalties display the Slow icon.
- Items and spells changed so that Haste and Slow icons do not cancel each other. The game engine allows you to be slowed and hasted at the same time. If one state wears off first, you are left with the remaining state, and therefore, the icon should remain as well.
- Relevant item and spell descriptions updated accordingly (Boots of Speed, Ring of Free Action, Potion of Freedom, Remove Paralysis, Free Action, Slow, Haste and Improved Haste).

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